Dai-Rynn I am coming home !
I can see your rolling fields of green,
Elven forests lush and warm  
I am reaching out - won't you take my
I'm coming home Avalon
Dai-Rynn was settled first among the high kingdoms.  King Dai-Rynn
Goldleaf was a wise and fair ruler, but like all elves, he couldn't see the
profound effect the discomfort of the present would have on the different
races of his lands.  Elves tended to look past the current issues because
they lived many hundred years, but a human would live his whole life in
such a period of turmoil, and that caused several rebellions against

of each kingdom that is voted for by the landed nobles.  
of each kingdom that is voted for by the landed nobles.  

The land is mostly covered in thick, lush forests and the weather is
temperate.  In the extreme south there are some small mountains and
cold weather, but mostly winters bring rain and not snow.
Anarthus is a tiny island on the southern tip of Dai-Rynn.  It has only one permanent citizen, a wizard that shares the
name of the country.  It is not officially a kingdom, but the land will forever be carved out to be used by the line of
Anarthus.  The wizard is thought to be the descendant of the original wizard that affected the line of events that brought
down Dormack and Dai-Rynn as kings and served as a guiding hand when the continent was first settled.  No one is
able to approach this island from the sea or air, as its protected by the nearby kingdom of Jinn as well as the wizard
Argoth was formed four centuries ago when the duke of Durnoss was challenged by a landed rival according to the laws
of Avalon.  Raith Argoth was a paladin from Belois and held great prestige in both his faith and his lands.  His invocation
of the challenge came at a great surprise.  He claimed to have uncovered a plot that had replaced the ruler of Durnoss
with a doppelganger, one that even his own family could not detect.  The creature did not defend himself in the
challenge and fled the land.  The law officially awarded the entire kingdom to Argoth, but he chose to give half of the land
back to Leodon's heir in order to maintain his royal bloodline.  The body of the original king was never found.  The
Argoth line still rules the land today as an oligarchy (Samuel Argoth, Human Cleric 16th).
Belois is currently ruled by a line of famous paladins.  Duncan Belois, III (Human Paladin 18th) is a veteran of many wars
and a close friend to the Northwind king of Samreign.  The land that is currently Belois has been a source of evil and
unrest since the turn of the century.  Duncan's great, great grandfather, Duncan I, was the one to finally consolidate the
land under one ruler and stamp out the rest of the malfeasance that plagued the people.  It is one of the largest
kingdoms on Avalon, covered in temperate grasslands and forests.  Duncan also serves as the High King of Dai-Rynn.  
His son, Arturo (Human Paladin 9th), is the crown-prince ruler of Belois and front-runner to succeed his father as high
king.  Belois borders both Northwind and Dormack, and is constantly threatened.  This has caused the people of Belois
to be well armed and trained on the frontiers.  The towns are traditionally small and the constant bandit threat keeps
supplies low on the border.  The prince, Arturo, is currently exploring several ways to increase the flow of money and
supplies to the frontier towns, making them stronger and more economical to defend.
Cairfawn is an original kingdom of Avalon, though which kingdom it's existed in has changed throughout history.  It has
always bordered Northwind and has been the site of many battles.  Consequently, control over the kingdom often
depends on which military has the strongest presence on a given day.  Sixty years ago, Cairfawn was under the
Northwind mantle and under the rule of Begat Tamriel.  A collection of warriors from across Dai-Rynn raised an army of
elves and men to take back the land and restore the line of Cairfawn to the throne.  Gial Cairfawn (half-elf, fighter 4/ranger
12) is a well rounded and fair ruler.  His half-elf lineage gives him the respect of the elf natives and the clarity of vision a
human ruler possesses.  Gial does not have an heir, but is married to a human woman who is pregnant.  The kingdom
does not differentiate between a male or female heir, so the baby will be the next ruler of the land.
Durnoss was the name of a dwarf who was a general of Dai-Rynn's coalition army during the settling of Avalon.  To
reward and forever remind the elves of the cooperation, the largest land grant was given to Durnoss.  Although thankful,
he stepped down from the throne almost immediately and left it to King Dai-Rynn to name an heir.  The throne has since
been taken by a human line called Leodon.  The current king is Darvin Leodon (Human Fighter 15th).  400 years ago,
Durnoss was split in half after a doppelganger was used to usurp the kingdom's control from the Leodons.  A
neighboring king, Raith Argoth, freed the land from the control of the evil being, but kept half the land for his own line
and to keep Durnoss's power from becoming too great again.  Durnoss is a military center for the kingdom and has the
best weapon and armorsmiths in the land.
Durnoss, he was rewarded with a kingdom, but like Dunoss, he had no interest in ruling.  He gave back half of his land to
Durnoss, he was rewarded with a kingdom, but like Dunoss, he had no interest in ruling.  He gave back half of his land to
Durnoss and created Silverbow, to be ruled by the High King's cousin.  Kevar's son, Luthor, was given the throne while
his father sat on the council of the High King.  Luthor was very wise for his age and became a great king, even after his
father's death.  The Jinn line has always managed to produce a male heir and is respected across all of Avalon as a
sanctuary for those in need of shelter.  Because it is nearly completely isolated, the citizens often do not care for outside
politics.  The land is mostly thick forests and each town is assigned a high level ranger to sheppard the local citizens
and keep them from harm.and keep them from harm.
Sareth Silverbow was the top aide de camp of Dai-Rynn Goldleaf and his cousin.  Although he was much younger than
his cousin, he was more adept at warfare and led the armies that drove back the dwarf threat from Dormack early in the
high kingdom's creation.  Silverbow is the one kingdom that has always been ruled by elves and will continue to be.  The
line of Silverbow, has remained unbroken in 4,000 years, long before the continent was settled.  The ruler, King Shaan
Silverbow (elf ranger 2/sorcerer 14) is a warrior of great acclaim.  He often wanders his lands helping settlers and
citizens from physical threats.  These sojourns place him in great danger, but his son is over 200 years old and more
than ready to take on the throne, though he shares his father's wanderlust.  It is more likely that his daughter will inherit
the kingdom.  Silverbow is a haven for elves, covered in dense forests and nearly impenetrable to an opposing army.  
There is very little interaction with Dormack to the east, although they share a very long border.
Dai Rynn
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