Physical Description

Tiara is a very pretty young girl.  She has seen a lot of
the bad side of life, but this hasn't affected her
physically.  She has the beauty of youth.  Her large
eyes make her appear younger and more untouched
by the world than she really is.  She wears clothes that
hide her developing body in most cases, but she
already has a body worth flaunting.
Personal Information

Date of Birth:
February 14, 1974
18 years old
Brown Eyes, Brown Hair, Pale
5'2" & 92 lbs.
Tiara Leigh, human female

Tia was born to Gunther and Eve Leigh.  Eve thought the world of her little princess, her only child.  She named her Tiara
after the many crowns the woman had won in local beauty contests.  Tia began to quickly resemble her mother with large
dark eyes and flawless skin.  It is believed that Tia's birth father died at war in the service of Dormack.  Her mother
remarried the local inn keeper to provide for herself and her daughter.  This is unknown to Tia, she was still a little girl.  She
does remember her mother and step-father marrying.  He put Eve to work in his inn.  When Tia turned fourteen, Eve was
killed in an accident involving a robbery.  The inn was the richest in the area, and being in the untamed hills of Dormack it
was not only a target for thieves, but orcs and other nasties as well.  Faced with a loss of help and income, Tia's
step-father put her to work in his inn as a maid.  It was one night when she was cleaning a room that the adventurer came
in early and took her virginity from her.  As he left, he paid the inn keeper ten pieces of gold for the 'service'.  Faced with a
slowing business and partners that were closely tied into the local loan sharks, Tia was put to 'work' more often at the
price of ten gold per night.  She got used to being used by wandering travelers, amazingly not letting the constant rapes
affect her psychologically.  She just assumed that this was a way of life, since she knew her mother performed the same
services.  It was one night when a paladin rescued her step-father from a pair of orcs bent on thievery that Valestis  
showed her there was more to her than just her breasts and ass.  He refused to take advantage of her for a reward, and the
next day cut through several of the man's business partners to ride off with her on his horse.  Since that rescue, he has
never so much as put an arm around her without first asking permission.  They lived in Rimule for six months.  Tia met a
tavern owner named Raven who took her in and rebuilt her self-esteem (and fashion sense).  In the six months, Tia
blossomed into a lovely young woman instead of an abused little girl.  The admiration for Valestis and hero worship turned
to genuine affection.  The paladin's adventures often brought him into harm's way, and Tia was there hurting with him, and
offering comfort.  Although he had the power to heal himself, at times he would allow her to hold him as he healed
naturally.  Her maternal instincts are very strong, sometimes acting like the wife to Valestis that she may one day become.  
She is his link to the living world, and he is her salvation from a living Hell.  She will follow him anywhere and hopes one
day to stand in front of a priest and exchange vows with the aasimar.  Then she imagines to make love for the first time,
and give him a son with pure white eyes.

Tia is a genuinely happy girl.  She has seen many bad things in her life, but has learned to
look only at the positive.  She can find the silver lining in any situation.  She is at once the
baby deer in need of protection, and the mother providing comfort for those around her.  
She inspires those around her still in touch with their soul to love her as either a little sister,
daughter, or lover.  There aren't many creatures that can go untouched by her big, forgiving
heart.  She likes to ask questions and explore life at every opportunity.  She is without
reservation when meeting a new friend and is unafraid of being hurt by love.  She has a
terrible past that saw her being sold as entertainment by her father at the tender age of 14,
but if she holds onto that horror, it doesn't show on her beautiful face.
"Awww, that story just
breaks my heart.  We
should do something
about this."
Simone "Raven" Moore, human female
Personal Information

Date of Birth:
April 1, 1959
32 years old
Green Eyes, Black Hair, Tan Skin
5'5" & 124 lbs.
Physical Description

Raven is a sexpot.  She has a body built for sin.  She is not
shy about her former life as a stripper and sometimes escort,
but it allowed her to build a life where she was beholden to
none.  Her breasts are impressive and easily visible under
the most modest of clothes.  She is not skinny, her curves
are visible and fantastic.  She's got it, and flaunts it.
"Honey, you don't
know heaven until
you tasted my…

Simone was nicknamed Raven by a doting father.  She was a wild child, showing her fierce
independence at a young age.  Her mother and father worked hard, but never got far above
poverty and couldn't give her nice things that she would see in the budding marketplace of
Rimule.  Once she reached an age where her womanly shape began to emerge, she found she
could get strange men to buy the things she wanted for her.  The ones she liked she would reward
with relationships and sex, but others she just used and left in the dust.  The Raven tore through
many hearts in Rimule.  Her parents passed in her early twenties, and she was forced to pay their
debts and find a life.  She began working at a tavern as a barmaid, then as a dancer.  She
developed into the most desired dancer in the town.  When rich travelers blew through town, she
would show them a good time and reap the financial reward.  In four years, she saved enough
money to open a tavern of her own.  Strangely, she would not allow dancing or hooking in her
place.  That was what she did to survive, and now she could survive without it.  She's not afraid to
speak her mind, pinch an ass, or bat her eyes to get her way.  She knows the weak points to jab in
a man, and uses them all.

Raven's life is not a fairy tale.  She was born to two impoverished parents that loved their little girl.  She had an older
brother she never knew, he died before she was born to a disease.  Her parents thought they were too old to have another
child, but then her mother gave birth to her and they rejoiced.  They did their best to provide for her, but when she was
young she was often undernourished and forced to wear rags when other girls started wearing dresses.  When she
reached thirteen, she began to develop faster than the other girls.  By fourteen, she was dating much older boys to the
dismay of her parents and the older girls who competed for attention.  She was a virtuous girl for her parent's sake,
although she never saw the big deal.  Sex was natural and fun.  At least, that is what she would find out.  She stopped
leaning on her parents for money and started using men for it.  They would often take her through the market thinking they
could buy a feel of her curves for a pretty dress or bauble.  She didn't give it up except when she liked the guy, or at least
could claim it as a status fuck (like the captain of the local guard).  Her parents passed away naturally when she was 22
and she had to stop flirting and start providing for herself.  She got a job at the Vulgar Monkey as a bartender and a
dancer.  She was also a part time escort, 'dating' some of the regulars for extra coins.  When rich travelers would come
through town, she would be their fantasy choice and she became very good at fulfilling those fantasies.  On her 26th
birthday, she quit the Monkey and bought an old house across town.  She converted it into a tavern and named it the
Swaggering Swine.  Her regulars followed her, but were disappointed when she wouldn't allow stripping or hooking in her
place.  She did what she had to and would do it again, but if she didn't need the money, she didn't need the sweaty hands
all over her or her girls.  Her food was the best and the service was friendly and flirty.  People of all kinds patronized her
and she made a very decent life.  Then she met a paladin named Valestis who rode in with a young ward named Tia.  Her
heart broke for the girl when she heard her life story and immediately adpoted her.  She gave her a job and worked hard to
change her skew on life and love.  Valestis became her little brother, she cooked for him and cleaned his shirts, often
chastising him when his adventuring got too dangerous.  She began to care deeply for her foster family which grew to
include Dycannus the cleric, Edea the rogue, Tarin the ranger, and Zander the bard.  Then Edea came to her with evidence
that Baron Malagant Rimule was behind several murders.  When confronted, he faked Raven's death and set up Valestis
as the killer.  To avoid being accused of witchcraft, Raven left her life behind and searches for a new one.
Medeva Family
Ajantis Medeva, aasimar male
Lorelai Medeva-Sandral, aasimar female
Personal Information

Date of Birth:
July 12, 1959
31 years old
White Eyes, Blonde Hair, Tan Skin
6'4" & 260 lbs.
Physical Description

Ajantis is a large man.  He is a physical specimen, as are
all members of the Medeva bloodline.  His natural
physique has been bulked up and chiseled by years of
fighting with a longsword at the tutelage of his father and
then in the service of his god and family.  He is quite
handsome, his white eyes and sculpted features making
him as desirable as most men could stand to be.  He
keeps his blond hair short and wears a goatee.  His skin
is a nice light tan.
Personal Information

Date of Birth:
November 26, 1962
28 years old
White, Blonde Hair, Tan Skin
5'8" & 135 lbs.
Physical Description

Gorgeous.  Even if not for her heavenly ancestry, Lorelai
would still easily be considered a hottie.  She has
luxurious, long, slightly curly blonde hair.  Her skin is
well tanned, contrasting well with her white eyes.  Her
smile is contagious.  With her eyes, she certainly has the
appearance of an angel more than a simple woman.  Her
body adds to that illusion as well.  She has full breasts
and is remarkably voluptuous while still somehow
appearing relatively dainty, even though she is not.

Ajantis is the firstborn of Arenthis and Elzbeth Medeva.  
His father, an aasimar, raised the boy to be a servant of
Heironeous like himself.  His father was a Swordarm of
Heironeous, but hoped that his son would hear the
calling and become a paladin someday, as most
aasmiars do.   When the lad reached his teens, it was
apparent that some paladin virtues may never show
themselves in the boy.  He chased the local skirt, and
because of his name and looks, he often caught it.  His
parents were actually amazed that they never heard tell
of any illegitimate children.  He excelled at everything he
did, including skirt-chasing, though, so no one in the
commuinty seemd to mind that he took advantage of his
situation.  He was always willing to help a neighbor or
member of the community.  He was there to break up
fights or physically punish bullies.  It was also very
evident early on that the boy would become a large man.  
In his early twenties, he was already bigger than his
father and had no difficulty using his bulk to wield his
longsword with a grace that belied his size.  He
protected his little sister from those young men who
thought as he did when he was younger and attempted
to get his brother involved in something constructive.  
He spent a good deal of time away from home, battling
evil in the name of Heironeous.  He did not mind.  That's
what Swordarms do; fight evil.  His skill with his weapon
is a perfect compliment to his divine spells.  He is more
comfortable slicing through things, but he also enjoys
sending enemies into confusion by unleashing his
repertoire of spells on them.  He battled evil in his home
during the siege of Neverwinter, when he lost his
parents.  His younger brother lost his wife and son, but it
at least ended up with the once whimsical lad taking life
seriously and finding a purpose.  Ajantis looks forward
to one day leading the Swordarms in Neverwinter, a
position his father did not get the chance to take.  He will
earn his position by becoming the greatest Swordarm to
come out of Neverwitner and the Medeva family.  He is a
veteran now, leading clerics to battle in the name of his
god as well as serving as a healer when needed.  He and
his sister have recently learned that their younger
brother is close to home again and in trouble…

Ajantis is an amiable, yet restrained man.  He is seldom
given to bursts of emotion outside of combat and family
gatherings.  He regards himself as the head of the house
although his sister truly runs things.  He is a seasoned
warrior and a powerful priest.  His devotion to
Heironeous, like that of his father before him, knows no
bounds.  He is adamant and fervent in his beliefs, but he
also enjoys life.  Valor, honor, and glory mean nothing
without anyone to share them with.  Of course, he has
yet to find his special someone, so he usually shares his
triumphs with his family and then more intimately with a
number of women who are more than willing to spend an
evening with the man.  This behavior bothered his
mother (which meant that it bothered his father also), but
really infuriates his sister who feels he just waited too
long to do it.  He often wonders if he's staying single just
to piss off his little sister.  However, he does desperately
want a son to carry on his family's tradition since he's
not so sure his younger brother will have any more
children.  Ajantis tends not to be too vocal unless
someone needs to be shouting, and then he's happy to
assume a more vocal role.  His position in the temple of
Heironeous in Neverwinter will lead him to become the
head Swordarm someday, and he anxiously awaits it.

Lorelai is a kind, caring, giving, loving, and fun woman.  
She is also stern and demanding.  She is a proud
woman.  She refused to give up her family name in
marriage with another aasimar family.  She has the
capacity for being the best nurse a patient could dream
of and also being the worst nightmare for any of her
foes.  She will defend her family to the death without
question and concern for herself as well as offer aid to
anyone who truly needs it.  She has an air about her that
is almost regal.  Her smile alone can ease fears and calm
anger.  Her mere presence brightens rooms as well as
moods.  Lorelai, like any other strong, fiercely
independent woman, can be a little bossy at times, but
few are those that complain.  This is either because the
woman is devastatingly attractive or because there is
ample reason for her to be telling people what to do.  She
does relinquish leadership roles when her skills are not
best suited for the situation, but she honestly believes
that she knows what is right the vast majority of the time.
 She enjoys spending time with her friends and family
now more than she does questing and adventuring,
especially as her twin sons grow and she and her
husband become more prominent in Pelor's service and
in the Neverwinter social scene.

Lorelai grew up in the shadow of her older brother, who
always excelled at whatever he did.  Well, that is until she
grew into young womanhood.  Then, she became the
focus of the household.  She quickly learned that if she
told others to do something, more often than not, they
actually would.  She favors her mother, but her father
was an aasimar, so she has white eyes and her pleasant
features are that much more accentuated.  She often
picked fights with her older brother and go him into
trouble while she babied her younger brother.  Her youth
was spent preparing to become a proper well-to-do lady.  
Her mother schooled her in ettiquette and manners as
well as in her patron diety, Pelor.  Her father, a Swordarm
of Heironeous, had a son to preach to, so he left the
women of the house to their own designs.  She
blossomed early and at 14, she was constantly being
courted by the up and coming young men of
Neverwinter, but she refused to date just to appease her
mother or for status.  Hell, she was the status girl!  If you
went on two dates with Lorelai Medeva, that meant
something.  A few times the boys or young men tried to
get a little too far and she was forced to show them the
natural power of a celestial bloodline.  Her older brother
was also a constant threat for those who even thought
about trying anything.  She did marry at the youg age of
18.  She had fallen in love with the only child of an
aasimar family from Luskan. His parents had both died in
a battle in which her parents also fought.  Within a year
of meeting, the two who married in Neverwinter.  Aaron
Sandral, a cleric of Pelor, was welcomed into the Medeva
estate, even warranting an addition for the new couple.  
After three years of marriage, she gave birth to twin
sons, one named after her father's father Keldorn, and
the other after Aaron's father's father Jekhar.  She
battled evil with her family and performed more than her
share of duties for her temple.  Three years after their
birth, while Aaron and her sons were away in Luskan
visiting a cousin of Aaron's, her family was caught in the
middle of an epic struggle. An evil necromancer
unleashed a horde of undead on the city of Neverwinter.
In the ensuing attacks, her parents were killed.  They
wished not to be raised, and their wishes were
respected.  Also, her younger brother lost his wife and
son.  They simply could not be raised, lost in the undead
minions.  Lorelai herself saved Valestis and nursed him
back to health.  Since then, she has taken a more active
role in battling evil, though she would rather spend more
time at home with her family and entertaining guests.  
She and her older brother recently learned that Valestis
had been taken back to the Neverwinter area by a
servant of Nerull…
Mathias Gold, human male
Personal Information

Date of Birth:
May 3, 1965
27 years old
Blue Eyes, Blonde Hair, White Skin
5'9" & 170 lbs.
Physical Description

Mathias has a rugged look.  He's lived in a
frontier city all his life, giving his face more
creases than his years would normally
show.  He's not overly tall or imposing, but
gives off the confidence of a fighter who
can handle himself.  He has dirty blonde
hair that is usually too long and blue eyes.

Gold is the son of a poor man with a rich name.  Not even his great-grandfather
knew where their surname came from, but it is one the family has carried proudly
for 100 years.  Mathias took the name to mean that he should live up to it's value,
always acting nobly and without moral compromise.  Gold joined the militia as
soon as he turned 14.  He had grown to nearly his full height, although the muscle
wouldn't come until a few years later.  He focused on strategy and forestry skills,
thinking he would become a scout, but then he filled out and turned into a
formidable warrior.  The combination of skills served him well around Belfort, and
he quickly gained respect.  The town's mayor promoted him to sergant, and in a
"Enough talk!  While
we tarry, evil grows
"Open the curtains
and let the sun in."
"Gold may not fill my purse,
but it is the color of my soul,
and your words cannot
tarnish it."
militia as small as Belfort's, that put him squarely in charge.  For years they battled gnoll, orc, and goblin raiders intent
on emptying the town's warehouses.  Eventually, Gold was able to recruit some wandering mercenaries to their cause,
and turned the tide of battle.  When the Age of the Ash Undead came about, Gold was informed that the prince regent
intended to take up residence in Belfort.  Gold was in effect demoted for more polished generals, but served on the
teams that fought through the Ash Undead catacombs until his son was born.  With something to live for, he became
more cautious with his life, and returned to serving in the militia, ordering the volunteers from other lands to the defense
of his beloved home.
"Feel the might of
"Witness the power
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