Baron Malagant RImule, human male
Physical Description

Malagant is an imposing figure.  He has easily visible
muscles under his prefered royal clothes.  His head is
bald, lacking even one brown hair.  His eyes are dark
and penetrating.  He prefers to wear capes and cloaks
to decieve people into seeing a much bigger man than
is there.
Personal Information

Date of Birth:
July 24, 1972
20 years old
Brown Eyes, Bald, Tan Skin
6'0" & 180 lbs.

Malagant is a fiery personality.  He thinks of himself as a charasmatic leader, but really he
tends to annoy people he lectures to for a long time.  He's very intelligent and shares that
intellect with anyone who will give him an ear.  He loves all subjects that pertain to warfare.  
He also has a strange interest in Wizardry, which perplexes his tutors and counselors.  He's
seen by his soldiers as extremely talented, but undisciplined.  His chaotic agenda is purely
selfish, but he allows himself to be controled by his advisors in order to participate in
adventures he'd otherwise not get to experience.  He is always the first to lead a battle,
rescue, or witch hunt.  His subjects say his rule will be short lived.  His best quality is the fact
he has no bias against any sort of race, religion, or class….believing there is something to
learn from all of them that will make him more effective in combat and leadership.
"He should have charged
his enemy into the river
and washed his armor in
their blood."

Malagant was born to Lejes Rimule by his second wife.  At the time, his first wife had passed away from a strange disease
that the house cleric could not cure.  Because of this, the cleric was banished and the middle-aged Lejes married
immediately to Darien, the sixteen-year-old daughter of his neighbor to the north and liege, Duke Correlon Cornwall.  The
Duke’s hand was forced by overwhelming sympathy for the widowed Baron.  The couple had lived together for one year
when she became pregnant with Malagant.  The baron was overjoyed by his son’s birth and celebrated it across his land
with a great tournament.

There was an unexpected attendee to this tournament.  Lejes had an older son who he’d sent to live as an ambassador to
the king three years before.  Mythos had no knowledge of his mother’s death or of the new bride who’d just begot him a
little brother.  Upon his arrival, the twenty-year-old Mythos became enraged and attempted to strike his father down with
his family sword.  The guardsmen arrived to drag the boy off to the prison, so as to not upset the visiting royalty.  Once he
was jailed, Lejes did not notice that his young bride had disappeared from the festivities.  He was nervous that she’d been
taken, but did not want to give the appearance of weakness in front of the many rivals who’d been forced to share his
moment.  When asked, he said she was still weak from the birth and was resting.  The truth was, she was resting, at the
prison, wrapped in the arms of her new stepson.

When they were discovered, naked, in the prison, Lejes exploded.  He ordered them both taken to the deep forest and
released with only the family sword that Mythos had tried to slay him with.  Both were forever banished from Rimule and
Mythos was disowned as the heir to the land.  A story was invented by the baron’s counsel that Darien had died later from
the stress of the birth and Mythos was mercifully banished instead of executed for trying to slay his father.  The ungrateful
spawn was said to have stolen the family heirloom in repayment of this mercy.  The propaganda spread like wildfire and
Lejes became even more popular than ever, a tragic man who showed mercy even to his foes.  Malagant was embraced as
the new heir, and Lejes trained him to take the post.  He did love his son; it was the only thing he had left of his perfect
year with Darien.

As Malagant grew, he took on his mother’s beauty, if not her exceeding charm.  He also took up one of her favorite
subjects, sorcery.  Without a proper tutor, he was forced to read what he could in the tomes of his grandfather’s libraries.  
He learned to read Elven, Draconic, even Dwarven before he was fourteen.  He also knew that his visits pleased, but hurt
his grandfather, who eventually stopped receiving him as he got older and more like his mother.  With only his father left to
turn to, Malagant dropped his arcane study and focused on soldiering.  He served in the Talon guard, a newly formed
regiment of elite warriors of Cornwall, when he was just fifteen.  He was a great fighter, but not much for taking orders.  His
fellow soldiers grew to resent the extra miles and drills they suffered on account of his sarcastic wit with the instructors.  
After two years of service, he was forced to leave the Guard to attend to his ailing father, now sixty and on the death’s door.

Malagant cared for his father for a full year before he passed.  In this time, he ruled at the will Lejes, but did not agree with
much of the spirit.  In the hours that he was not with his father and the counsel, Malagant took up sword making with the
village blacksmith.  As was typical of the boy, he was a prodigy.  He set about making a new family heirloom.  He finished a
hand and a half sword that was exquisitely decorated and nearly indestructible.  He took the sword to his father who wept
upon seeing it.  He called for a ceremony to be held the next day for his entire Barony to attend.  He struggled to his feet,
clutching the sword with both hand.  He knighted his son and declared him Baron of Rimule.  The crowd went wild for
their new leader.  There was one who did not, a shadowy figure in the back of the crowd, staring at the weapon Malagant
held aloft with furious anger.  That night, Lejes Rimule died and Malagant’s tenuous rule began.
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