Heironeous' Symbol
Sir Dycannus Bane

Male Human from Belois

Cleric Swordarm of Heironeous

Knight Protector of Dai-Rynn

Lawful Good Prestige Paladin

Dycannus was born to a fifth generation paladin in the kingdom of Belois.  He was
named for the one of the high kings of Avalon, Davion Dycannus.  His father was
Jammel Bane, a brave paladin who single handedly liberated the Dwarven city of
Goldstone from jaws of a red dragon.  His father served as the Man-at-Arms for King
Duncan Belois, a post his father held before him.  Dycannus’ grandfather, Samgar Bane,
was the man who trained the legendary King Jorus Samreign in the ways of the paladin
more than fifty years prior.  His mother, Jenna Gardina, was originally from Faerun.  She
led an unremarkable life until an avalanche engulfed her village.  She rose up to lead the
two hundred seven survivors through the mountains of Neverwinter to the Tree of Life in
Kuldahar.  From then on she was known as Jenna of the Dale and held a position of
stature in the government until she married Jammel and moved to Avalon.
Upon his return to his home in Belois of Avalon, Jammel resumed his commission in the king’s army as a key tactician and
field general.  He was also a key military and spiritual advisor to Duncan Belois as well as the godfather to the young prince
Artorius.  When Jenna discovered she was pregnant, Jammel agreed to transfer his duties to another officer and remain at
court as a full time advisor to the king.  When Dycannus was born, the king agreed to be his godfather and should anything
happen to his first born son, the heir to his throne.  The two boys, although a few years apart in age, became the best of
friends as they were educated, trained, and refined as gentlemen.  There were times that visitors to the court didn’t know
which boy was the prince.  Jenna even took to calling him “little Duncan” because he was often in his godfather’s shadow,
and the name stuck.  From an early age, it was obvious his blood ran thick with bravery and purpose.  He was taught that
words like honor and truth were not just punch lines to poorly told jokes.  The other people in the court talked of the great
deeds that he would achieve with such a pedigree and upbringing at the hands of his parents and king.
He was wielding his father’s longsword with his two small hands when he was a toddler – unusual
strength for such a youngster.  He and Artorius entered the military academy in Belois and quickly
moved to the head of the class together.  While the prince was sometimes shown some special
treatment by the instructors, Duncan was often made to travel a tougher road to prove his worth.  
Many of the other soldiers tried to best him, but none held the upper hand for long.  He trained
hard and with purpose, knowing all along that he would hear the call of his lord Heironeous and
begin the spiritual training as a paladin.  Even into his teenage years, the call never came.  He aged
beyond the point where his father, grandfather heard the call, but he was still unwavering.
When he turned sixteen, he told his father that while he was praying he’d heard the call
of Heironeous.  His father took him to the king and asked him to be liege to his godson.  
Belois took the boy as a squire, but less than a year into his apprenticeship, Belois knew
that Duncan was not being truthful.  Even though he was older, the teenager was far
behind the other paladin squires and was not catching up.  Dycannus admitted to his
liege that he had wanted to become a paladin so badly; he’d lied about hearing the call
to begin his training and hoped that he would be able to give enough effort to make up
for it.  Belois shared this information with his father, who was angered and
embarrassed.  He intended to punish his son severely for lying about something so
sacred, but the shame in his now adult son’s slumped shoulders and disappointment in
the boy’s eyes was punishment enough.  He removed Duncan from the court and made
a new home outside of the capital with his mother so they could escape the whispers
and find a new path for him.
Although he did not receive the divine calling that had taken his mother and father at a
much younger age, Duncan still wanted to serve Heironeous.  He believed the failure
at becoming a paladin was his, not his lord’s.  He continued to beat himself up for not
being ready to hear the call, but it was not in him to question authority, especially
divine authority.  He knew he could still serve the god of valor in other ways than being
a paladin.  Jammel and Jenna took him to a prominent monastery in a neighboring
kingdom where a combination of St. Cuthbert’s and Heironeous’s monks, known
collectively as the Order of the Stormcloud, resided and trained.  Dycannus joined the
monastery, but he was still out of place.  He was already eighteen and labored to learn
their ways – training and working harder than any two students in the Order.  Boys
smaller than he and with less years on their bones were able to outmaneuver him quite
easily.  Just like his failure as a paladin, his effort could not make up for his lack of
divine purpose.  When it came time to complete his first set of trials, Dycannus was not
ready, and he was nearly killed.
The first trial was an advanced balance and agility test that was meant to separate the students with acceptable agility from
those who didn’t.  He was to traverse a beam only a few inches wide while avoiding swinging bladed pendulums.  Before he
was even halfway across, a blade knocked him off balance.  When he tried to right himself, the next blade took his left arm at
the elbow.  He fell from the beam, but his momentum put him into the path of another blade, which sliced opened his chest
on the way down.  Literally disarmed and dying, he lay without a whimper on the floor of the monastery as masters and
students rushed to his aid.  He lay on the stone floor peacefully listening to the sound of his heartbeats getting slower and
more labored.  As he slipped out of consciousness, he hallucinated that the vital organ detached itself from his veins, grew
wings, and exited through the gash in his chest away into the heavens.
Personal Information

Date of Birth:
September, 11 1969
23 years old
Blue Eyes, Dirty Blonde Hair,
Tan Skin
6'1" & 218 lbs.

Physical Description

Dycannus is a handsome,
vibrant man.  He is very open
and easy to approach, easily
earning people's trust.  He has
blonde hair that used to be down
his back clasped with a bronze
holy symbol of Heironeous, but
is now cropped above his
shoulders.  He is clean-shaven
and has striking blue eyes.  His
height and muscular build is

the disease, or separate the infected from spreading it.  He follows Heironeous like his of
father and godfather before him, drawn to his strength and the importance of virtue and
father and godfather before him, drawn to his strength and the importance of virtue and
honor in his example.  "Duncan" (as his friends know him) strives to be a living example
paladin.  He is at ease around rogues and royalty, as evidenced by the company he of
these attributes.  He is a capable warrior, having served as a Swordarm Cleric for several
years.  He trained to be a paladin and a monk as a boy, but failed in both cases to master
the path.  After becoming aware of his connection to the Neververine and therefore the
answer to defeating Dagoth Ur, Duncan has finally adopted the path of a the Glorius, a
lightning touched longsword that is a very symbol of his god.paladin.  He is at ease
around rogues and royalty, as evidenced by the company he keeps from common
soldiers to the Prince of Belois whom he calls his "brother".  Duncan fights alongside
his fiancee, Lady Sivora Landrin, and will be knighted by his godfather, King Duncan
Belois.  He fights with a blessed weapon of Heironeous called the Glorius, a lightning
touched longsword that is a very symbol of his god.
Dycannus Bane
Dycannus Bane
"Why do I have the
feeling that this
encounter is going to
sound so different
tonight in song?"
Duncan asked
"This ends now," Duncan
proclaimed.  "Who wants to
save the world?"
"I spent my youth waiting," he
started, "I was waiting to hear the
call and become a paladin.  I
wanted so desperately for
Heironeous to make me one of his
soldiers.  I knew I had the ability,
the natural strength, the ability to
lead, I was far ahead of many
others that were hearing his call
to become paladins… but it never
“I feel so different, yet really the
same.  I can’t describe it.  How
will they understand?  How do I,
what do I do?”  
“I need to sleep for about three days.”
When Duncan opened his eyes, he was with his mother and
father in a small, white room.  Panicked, he asked them if they
had passed on to the next world as well – fearful for the world
they left behind.  They assured him that not only had they not
died, but neither had he.  He was introduced to a beautiful, older
woman in snow-white robes embroidered with gold.  Her name
was Shandall and she was a priestess.  She was a friend of one
of the elders from days long past.  She had been asked by an
elder at the monastery to attend the trail because he feared the
worst.  She also served Heironeous, and her divine magic had
saved the boy from death.  She had mended his arm and chest
completely in less than a month’s time while also keeping him
asleep to avoid most of the pain and anguish of knitting his
bones and flesh together again.  Amazed at the power the
woman possessed, he questioned her at length about her
profession and role in serving their mutual master.  He’d known
clerics and priestesses before, but none with her divine touch.  
She was familiar with Duncan’s past and impressed by the
undiminshed faith he still possessed.  She told him that if she’d
had so many setbacks at so young an age, she’d have lost faith.  
He told her, truthfully, that it was never even an option.
That conversation opened the door for Duncan’s entry into the priesthood.  Still a devout follower of Heironeous, he
researched the different clerical orders that served him.  He found one that allowed him to maximize his talent with
soldiering, while still allowing him to develop the amazing powers of healing that had saved his life.  He labored to become a
Sword Arm of Heironeous and finally excelled.  Calling on his various past training, education, and experiences, he passed
the intense apprenticeship in three short years, on his 21st birthday.  The trials were Herculean tests of strength, skill, and
faith – all of which Dycannus possessed immeasurable amounts of.  His parents, godfather, and new mentor all attended his
coronation, beaming with pride for the young man who’d never swayed in his faith and finally found his path.  They knew he’
d surpass them all in ability and fame.  When it came time to choose his post, his boyhood friend, now Captain Artorius,
asked him to serve as his battlefield healer on the Dormack front.  With a heavy heart, he declined the offer and rank.  His
reasoning was that both he and Arthur were meant for great things, and the world needed them to diverge and help people
in different lands.  Instead he followed Shandall to a city called Rimule.
They set up a temple to Heironeous and went to work helping the local followers of their lord deal with their everyday needs.  
They fed the hungry and arbitrated disputes.  The prince, Malagant, wanted the best for his land and chief city.  He’d lured
Shandall with massive donations to the temple and a promise of freedom to practice her faith as she saw fit.  Many lords
aligned with different deities were not as kind.  She felt that there were many people seeking fortune and fame that would
need the god of valor to help them stay on the right path, and she also felt Duncan would be a shining example to those that
would be corrupted by power.  It wasn’t long until his training as a Sword Arm was called into service by their new
benefactor.  With the assistance of a Faerunian paladin by the name of Valestis, Duncan founded a team outside of the local
garrison that would police the city and the citizens surrounding it.  The proceeds from their deeds were all donated to the
temple, and the people they helped were forever grateful to the prince.
This cabal grew in number and strength.  It included a gruff ranger named Tarin, a nimble street thief named Edea, as well as
an unusually brave bard named Tamizander.  Eventually they investigated a murder of a friend as well as the increased
activity of a particular guild to find their liege lord was not to be trusted.  Giving him the benefit of the doubt, he contacted the
captain of the guard; a warrior woman named Sivora, and a monk from his old order, Gunshin, and confronted the prince.  
Faced with the evidence, Malagant admitted his wrongdoing, but was unrepentant.  He had already set in motion a plan to
frame the alliance for the murder of one of their own, pointing the evidence against him to their leader, Valestis.  Given one
hour to vacate, the group did.  Duncan did not fear for Shandall, as her reputation and honor were untouchable, but he and
his new friends were much more vulnerable.
They quickly left without a fight, knowing the Talon guard might quickly and quietly execute them all for crimes they didn’t
commit.  Gunshin offered sanctuary at the Order.  Upon camping with still more than two day’s journey left ahead of them,
they were attacked.  Two of their allies were gravely injured and Valestis was taken.  Sivora and Duncan were instrumental in
battling off the undead attackers.  This was the first time that he saw that in spite of her allegiance to the Red Knight, her
heart was guided by Heironeous.  Tarin brought the dying Edea to Duncan who was able to save her from death, but the
paladin was lost.  Sivora was used to leading and took charge, but Gun and Duncan were left to heal the aching hearts of
their friends for the fallen captain.
They settled in a frontier town in Belois.  Duncan knew he could call on his godfather for aid, but he did not.  This group of
friends was very tightly connected by their brief history with one another and he didn’t want to disrupt that.  He was also
becoming enamored with the beautiful Sivora.  They began a physical relationship of convenience, but for Duncan it became
much more than that.  He grew in strength, experience, and power during the years in Belfort.  Eventually they got past the
loss of Valestis and began to make a name for themselves as champions of their new adopted home.  The sergeant at arms,
a noble young solder named Gold, looked to them for assistance and guidance.  Things began to become normal.  And then,
the sky began to darken, and Duncan would be thrust from the edges into the center of his destiny.
Dycannus Bane
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