Edea Randalin
Edea Randalin
Edea Randalin
Edea Randalin
Edea Randalin

Female Human from Balmor

Neutral Good Rogue / Fighter

Tymora's Symbol

Edea Randalin was born into poverty. Her parents earned the minimum for
keeping the family all clothed and fed. They did not earn enough to provide her
with any pleasantries, nor was it their wont. They never said so publicly, but in
their hearts, they blamed their unwanted child for their financial bad luck. Her
father died of some infectious disease before she was even able to speak.
Shortly thereafter, her mother simply abandoned her on a street corner to lighten
her financial burden. She was found and placed in an orphanage. One of the
workers there recognized the child. Deciding that she was better off given some
care at the home instead of none with her mother, the worker let Edea stay,
giving her the name her family had given her.
The orphanage was not a fun place, but it did provide food and shelter to the
children. At the age of 10, Edea simply tired of the place and its tedious
existence. The chores displeased her as well. She began begging on the streets
for whatever she could get. Then it occurred to her that she could just take what
she wanted. She began pilfering purses and lifted loaves of bread and other
foods. She was nearly caught here and there but always seemed to slip away.
She wandered the streets for two years alone, stealing what she could to
survive. Somehow, she managed to stay upbeat throughout all of this. Never
once did she blame society for her troubles. Edea was told that her parents had
died from disease and that’s how she ended up in the orphanage. She did not
know that her mother was out there somewhere and that it was she who was
responsible for her ending up at the orphanage. Edea also did not know that she
was better off having stayed there. She missed out on many things during her
childhood, but she also learned many things that normal children simply are not
exposed to, things that are more suited to the life of an adventurer.
Around age 12, she began hanging around with a few groups of
people a little older than her. Sly as a fox, quick as a whip, as sharp as
a tack, and surprisingly strong and tough for her age, size, and
gender, Edea quickly proved her worth to the older teenagers. For
three years she ran with various groups that mostly just committed
petty thefts. When she was 15, the inevitable happened. Her comrades
had chosen the wrong person to rob. The victim happened to be a
member of the local thieves guild. Not only was the guild furious that a
member had been hit, they were more angry at the fact that they had
usurpers in their midst. The guild master and his cohorts began
systematically eliminating their rivals. Edea finally realized that those
who shared her lifestyle were not as good-natured or as kind as she.
Edea escaped the wrath of the guild, as she was never associated with
the robbers, or at least that is what she believes. In the aftermath of the
hits, the authorities began to crack down on the underworld, and Edea
decided that she must use her skills in other ways or she would end
up in prison or worse, dead.
Edea started running errands to those who would hire her. She was
paid to keep an eye on certain beings or items. She was hired to
deliver packages that she was not to open. She turned down some
jobs as well, however, earning her a mixture of respect and contempt
within those circles. She did all of these odd jobs, practicing her skills
as she worked. Lately, there have been rumors of a thief who disarms
traps and picks locks only to leave the valuables behind…
Personal Information

Date of Birth:
September, 21 1969
23 years old
Blue Eyes, Black Hair, Fair Skin
5'5" & 110 lbs.

Physical Description

Edea is of medium height, with
a slim, but healthy, figure from
the early life of an orphan.  Her
jet black hair, fair skin, and
attire make her almost devoid
of color, with the exception of
her piercing blue eyes.  Her
shoulder length hair is usually
wild or pulled back in a
ponytail.  She is quite attractive
to those creatures who fancy
female humans, if they ever
actually see her face.

Edea is somewhat shy, having learned the value of
being anonymous.  She generally tries not to bring
and generally good natured despite her upbringing
and generally good natured despite her upbringing
as a street urchin.  She is fiercely independent and
self-reliant, having never really had anyone else to
provide for her.  Edea has been around many races
during her short life, learning much from lowlifes and
scholars alike.  She doesn't consider herself as a
thief, but merely a survivor.  She dreams of leaving
the streets behind her and plying her skills finding
wealth hidden deep within the earth or in some
ancient monster's lair.  To this end, she often
practices her skills by looking for trapped objects,
disarming them, then re-arming them as well as by
picking locks only to leave the contents of the
container alone and re-locking it.  container alone
and re-locking it.  
Her skills landed her a real job with
Prince Malagant of Rimule.  An aasimar
paladin saw some worth in her skills and
good heart and put her to work.  Edea
infiltrated the Crimson Moon Guild and in
one mission, discovered a ring in the
possession of the Prince that could only
have been removed from the hand of her
paladin comrade.  Breaking the news to
her cohorts in Rimule working for the
prince, the gang was framed and
banished from the land.  En route to their
destination, Belfort, in the neighboring
and friendly kingdom of Belois, she was
attacked by an evil creature who left her
for dead.  The tiefling known as She took
the paladin away and left skeletons for
the rest to fight.  Her rescuer was her
ranger friend, Tarin Blackblade, but the
ring she took from the prince kept her
alive long enough for him to find her.
"Looking for this?" said a small cloaked figure holding Sivora's greatsword by the severed belt.  "Lucky this wasn't holding up your panties."
"Maybe I should go with the
leather," Edea admitted.  "That's
what he's seen me in.  That's what he
met me in.  And besides, I can strap a
couple of bags of sand to my chest
and down the back of my pants."
"Here we are again," she snapped,
"in over our heads, risking our
lives in the name of friendship."
"Your friend almost singed that
off," Tarin said happily.  He set
her gently on her feet although
she still clung to his neck.  "I
had to go," he whispered into
her ear.  "And I had to save
you," she said back.
"Probably," Edea replied.  "All
men are liars, which is why it's
smart to lie to them first."
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