Northwind was the last of the Avalon high kingdoms to be formed and recognized.  The Northwind bloodline ended
without an heir not long after its coronation and the kingdom went into turmoil. A respected House named McLeod was
chosen to replace the Northwind line.  McLeod was killed by treachery, and the House disbanded and went into hiding.  
Subsequent rulers were chosen by election of nobles.  At the turn of the century, the land fell to chaos under a monstrous
threat and most of the respected leaders were killed. Since then, there has been no High King of Northwind.  

The land is desert to the north. Grasslands and forests cover the south.  The creature influx from the Dormack reign is the
least prevalent here, but there are plenty of creepy crawlies to make life less than ideal.  The wide open spaces make less
hiding places for gargantuan beasts, but just one can make a fine living with little competition.  

The island of Samreign was the old kingdom of McCleod and the capital of Northwind.  It is populated by the best and
bravest bloodlines of Northwind.  It's constantly under attack since it is the first line of defense against foreign invaders
and completely self-sufficient from the mainland.  Northwind's minor kingdoms are Balmor, Fangard, Rimule, Tamriel,
Vontiff, and Wallar.
Balmor has been a matriarchy since the days of the Trifecta.  Ruled by strong-willed women, it is also whispered that the
many Queens have all been very powerful wizards and sorceresses.  The current Queen is Helena (Human Sorcerer - 15th)
and she has a teenage heir named Jillian (Human Fighter - 3rd).  If the queen has only a male heir, when he comes of age,
he is put to stud with an assortment of the most powerful ladies in the land and is forced to marry the first to give birth to a
daughter.  Balmor is vulnerable to attack from other lands, but is also the most adept at navigating the seas.  Its navy is
rarely overtaken by pirates, making it a popular and wealthy port for all of Avalon.
Fangard is ruled by an aggressive king who is locked by water on one side and by his "allies" on the other.  Fangard is a
hotspot for raiders that don't want to attack the isle of Samreign, but they don't get a warm welcome here.  Many kings
send their captains to Fangard to train in the ways of soldiery because King Mikhale (Human Fighter 18th) is a
knowledgeable warrior and a great teacher.  He does not have a head for politics, so his council is the true ruler of the
domain.  King Mikhale has a very contentious relationship with Brule Vontiff, the king to his south.  Fangard was his
commander during the War of Ascension, though Vontiff managed to pass him by in the realm of political gain.  Mikhale
has no wife, though many lovers and is thought to have many bastard heirs that will likely rip the kingdom apart for control
should he die.
Rimule was ruled by a beloved widower named Lejes until his recent death.  His son, Malagant (Human Wiz2/Ftr 4), took
over and built up relations with Balmor to the north.  The at first political, then economical relationship allowed him to build
a central marketplace in his capital city which is unrivaled on the continent of Avalon.  The taxes he collects makes him
one of the richer kings in all of Northwind and he has begun to use this wealth to attract a very skilled army from the
neighboring kingdoms.  His close association with Queen Helena of Balmor makes him a strong contender for the high
throne should he be able to unite the other kings' support.
Balmor to the north would offer much aid unless they kept the land they protected for themselves.  The ruler of Tamriel is a
Balmor to the north would offer much aid unless they kept the land they protected for themselves.  The ruler of Tamriel is a
fighter king named Thadun (Human Fighter 14th).  He's the oldest of the Northwind kings at the ripe age of 52.  He took
over the throne shortly after his father, Begat, was killed during the War of Ascension with Cairfawn.  Thadun has a son
(Thadun II, Human Fighter 3rd) who will succeed him, but the boy is not ready to rule.  Tamriel has a poor relationship with
Cairfawn to the south because it was the last foreign power able to successfully invade and control the Dai-Rynn
kingdom.  Now that the tables have turned, the threat that Cairfawn will try to extend its borders hangs over the land like a
storm cloud.kingdom.  Now that the tables have turned, the threat that Cairfawn will try to extend its borders hangs over
the land like a storm cloud.storm cloud.
Vontiff is a landlocked duchy which is ruled by a strong willed ruler.  Brule Vontiff (Human Fighter 15th) is somewhat well
thought of abroad, but his people fear his quick temper.  He serves as the only judge in his land; any disputes must be
brought before him.  He is extremely open to people traveling in and out of his borders, but he knows what happens within
his borders and when.  He has an extensive police force which is filled with "king's hands" which report past the normal
chain of command and directly to the king.  Despite its difficult position bordering Dormack and Dai-Rynn, Vontiff is one of
the original kingdoms that still exist since the settling of Avalon.  Its borders are the most variable, having been taken over
and retaken a hundred times since the first king, ThrawnVontiff, was appointed ruler.  The capital city has never been
sacked, and from that post the land has always been retaken.  Being that it is the only land that shares borders with both
Dai-Rynn and Dormack, it's also called the "melting pot of Avalon".
Wallar was a duchy within the kingdom of Vontiff until its lord, Duke Samgar Wallar, seceded from the kingdom during the
War of Ascension.  A heroic fighter from Samreign (Human Pal2/Ftr12), Samgar is a well respected warrior and is from an
ancient bloodline.  He rules from a precarious position of being vulnerable to both outside attack and internal retribution
from Brule Vontiff.  Vontiff has said loudly that Samgar has eyes for the Northwind throne and that is the reason for his
betrayal, but those that know Samgar think that there is something else that motivates him.
Samreign is an island kingdom that produced the last high king of Avalon, Jorus Samreign I.  The current king is of his
line, Jorus III (Human Paladin 12th).  Samreign is peopled by fighters, paladins, and clerics and the patron god is
Heronious.  The isle is often the destination for those who take leading and soldiering seriously.  It is home to a war
academy that is extremely exclusive and well known throughout the kingdom.  Only heirs and extremely well thought of
bloodline soldiers ever set foot on its grounds.  Many of the finest animal trainers, smiths, and masons make their way to
Samreign's castles to show off their talents.  The semi-constant siege from pirates and creatures alike make it a utopia for
those who make weapons, and those who use them.
Samreign Isle
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