Ehlonna's Symbol
Raina Jade

Female Half-Elf from Cairfawn

The Sorceress of Belfort

Neutral Good Sorceress


Raina Jade’s parents were Conrad Jade, a ranger of some notoriety, and Awain
Evergreen, an elven sword maiden.  The two fought together fifty years ago in
the War for Ascension that saw King Samreign’s predecessor, Kevar Cairfawn,
take the throne.  Conrad was a leader of men who served under Jorus Samreign,
the king’s paladin.  He took to the forest to drum up support for King Cairfawn
with the help of the king’s cousin (by marriage), Awain.  During their recruiting
and fighting, the human man and elf woman fell in love.  As with all such star-
crossed stories, Conrad’s age caught up to him while Awain stayed young and
When Conrad was in his 60th year, Awain had a potion brewed to grant him
youth for a single night, so she could take him into her bed and have a child.  He
knew that imbibing the potion would kill him, but for a last night with his love, he
could think of no better ending.  Awain also knew that bearing Conrad’s child
would expel her from her clan, they had strict rules about cross race relations
and would not allow a half-human to be born of their blood.  After Conrad’s
death, Awain quickly wed a fellow elven warrior and later gave birth to Raina.  
She asked that the girl be given Conrad’s name to honor all he did for elf-kind
and her request was granted.
As Raina grew, she took on the best of both worlds.  She was delicate and
beautiful as her elf mother, but resourceful and strong like her human father.  
She seemed to relate better to children younger than her.  Her physical maturity
however did not wait for her emotional state to catch up.  By her 13th year, Raina
was nearly as large as her mother.  The adolescent men of the clan were
becoming enraptured by her as she looked like an elf four times her age, but the
women knew that something was not right.  A spell was cast and the human side
of Raina was discovered.  Awain’s marriage was annulled and she and her
daughter were cast out of the clan, banished to never return.  The mother and
daughter were heartbroken.
Raina continued to grow while she wandered the forests with her mother.  
Awain was a capable survivor, so the two did not suffer for food or shelter.  
Awain also knew that her daughter would have to enter the human world if
they would not be welcomed into the elven one.  She enrolled her daughter
into a school in a small town on the eastern side of Cairfawn.  It was while
enrolled in this school that another trait would alienate Raina from her peers.  
In her 15th year, while attending classes with children younger than she, Raina
was upset at being punished for speaking out of turn.  While sitting in a corner
with her back to the class, the teacher was writing on the blackboard when the
chalk in her hand was instantly transformed to flint.  When she struck the
board, a large spray of sparks flew out, igniting several stacks of parchment
lying nearby.  The schoolhouse quickly caught fire and burned to the ground.
No one suspected Raina of the sorcery until she was again being disciplined
for misbehavior.  She was to be paddled for running away during recess (she
didn’t feel like school anymore for the day) and each hit seemed to rattle the
teacher’s hands worse than the girl’s backside.  When the teacher was about
to yell at her again, she suddenly lost her voice.  The woman remains a mute to
this day.  Raina was expelled from the school and Awain was run out of town
with her witch daughter.  Awain was wise enough to know that Raina was
manifesting signs of sorcery and that those manifestations were coming under
threat, not from malice.  She explained to her shaken daughter that she was
going through a natural change and that her powers, like her growing body,
were not a curse, but a blessing.  Raina thought her unusual growth and
powers had gotten them thrown out of every home they’d lived in.  Awain
explained her true birth and the fact that sorcerers are not freaks, but powerful
individuals that help the innocent triumph against evil.
Awain sought out a mentor for her budding mage and found a woodsman
named Salton Pall.  He was a young man who had gained some fame as a
spellcaster for hire.  Awain offered him money in exchange for training her
daughter to control her powers.  Salton accepted, but more for the chance
to get closer to Raina.  By this time she was in full bloom, taller than her
mother and as shapely as any human woman.  She was thin like an elf, but
still curved.  Her blonde hair was layered and fell into her face in a
seductive way, but also allowed her to melt a heart just by peering up
through the blonde locks.  While Salton worked with her on learning to
control her craft, Awain taught her daughter to fend off physical attacks,
knowing that without aid, a young sorceress did not live a long and
healthy life.
In Raina’s 20th year, after Raina had been more than an hour late for her
sword lesson, Awain went looking for her and found her in the arms of her
mentor.  The elf struck Salton so hard he was knocked unconscious.  
Raina yelled at her mother, saying that the man said her loved her.  Awain
told her that she did not know what love was and that he was just a man.  
Raina countered with the fact that her life was forever destroyed because
her father was a man and not an elf.  Awain was crushed.  The girl knew
she’d wounded her mother, but did not want to back down.  Awain told her
that if her heart led her to be with this man, then she would not interfere.  
She left without another word, disappearing into the forest.  In less than
two months, without Awain to control her wild nature, Salton got fed up
and kicked Raina out of his house.  It seems that although Raina really
enjoyed the act of kissing, she would never sit still long enough for him to
take her virginity.  This drove him mad.  Her attitudes towards sex were
that of a young teenager, with ridiculous amounts of giggling and
playfulness.  Salton married a barwench before the next spring and had
four children from their first childbirth.
Homeless, but not helpless, Raina traveled the
countryside.  She cared not for borders and ended
up for a time in each of the five baronies that make
up Northwind.  She had a boyfriend in every town,
ones that promised her wealth and comfort, not
knowing that those words were as attractive as pain
and anguish.  She continues to wander from city to
city, looking for companionship and adventure to
quench her adolescent thirsts.  Whoever can tame
her will be forever blessed with a great treasure, but
that may prove more difficult than defeating a dragon
Personal Information

Date of Birth:
July 24, 1968
24 years old
Brown Eyes, Blonde Hair,
White Skin
5'3" & 100 lbs.

Physical Description

Raina is, in a word, beautiful.  
She is so stunning, she makes
queens look like beggars.  She
has all of the ethereal features
of the elves; smooth, flawless
skin, bewitching eyes, and
long, silken hair.  She also has
inherited the curved body of a
human woman with full lips,
breasts, and butt.  She keeps
her pointed ears covered by
her layered, blonde hair.

Raina is merely a teenager in her half-elf mind.  She
makes friends easily because of her effervescent
personality, and her first instinct is to trust
everyone.  This can get her into trouble with men.  
Her maturity level is that of a fifteen or sixteen year
old human, old enough to reproduce, but not wise
enough to avoid it.  Her beauty attracts many
followers, but her uncontrollable wanderlust
leaves broken hearts in her wake.  When
threatened or cornered, she gets nervous and this
often manifests in an overuse of her inborn  
powers as a sorceress.  She doesn't act to harm or
maim; she annihilates.  Her eyes are full of wonder
and innocence and this inspires those who meet
her to want to protect her.  She tries not to abuse
this influence, but depends on it more often than
not.  She is not good with money and does not
plan ahead for her future.
She used her budding skills to support
herself by cheating in contests of skill
and talking her way out of it until she met
a bard and his group of adventurers.  
She offered to assist them and has since
found a home among them.  Her powers
are growing as is her confidence and
maturity.  She is now as powerful as any
of her allies and the burden of
responsibility fits her human side well.  
She secretly harbors a crush on the
paladin companion, but it may be a
reversal of her prior desire to be with
only the bad boys.  She is very close to a
rogue named Edea and loves and spoils
her familiar, Kylala constantly.
“Would you mind if I took
my pussy and left now?”
Raina Jade
Raina Jade
Raina Jade
Raina Jade
Raina Jade
Raina Jade, dragon form
"I didn't want to be here cussing myself out in
front of a paladin though.  I was so worried that
I'd say something like 'shit' or 'goddamn it'," she
went on and then caught herself again. "I just said
all that like three more times, didn't I?
"You think I buy my clothes this tight?"
Raina asked, sticking out her chest to allow
the imprint of her nipples to pierce the
fabric.  "Not in any civilized town."
"You beautiful witch!" Edea
exclaimed, dropping the magic
user to her feet and embracing
the elf ferociously.  "I love
you, you beautiful witch!"
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