Sivora Landrin
Sivora Landrin
Sivora Landrin
Sivora Landrin
Sivora Landrin
Lady Sivora Landrin-Bane

Female Human from Rimule

Lady Swordwraith

Knight Protector of Dai-Rynn

Lawful Good Fighter (Commander)

Heironeous and The Red Knight
Heironeous' Symbol
The Red Knight's Symbol

Sivora has lived in the Barony of Rimule all her life. She is the second child
born to a comfortable family in the barony’s third-largest city, Alamsreft.
Her father was one of the town’s armor smiths, and her mother helped him
by mending and cleaning the armor, caring for the leather and
accessories, and running the actual shop in the market.

In her youth, Sivora and her older sister spent their free time with both
parents, learning the basic fundamentals of armor smithing as well as the
more delicate work associated with care and maintenance of the armor
and peripherals. Aisha, the older of the girls, was better at pounding out
the armor and endured the intolerable heat of the workshop far easier than
Sivora. Sivora divided her time between the workshop and the booth in
Waukeen’s Square. The square, named after the patron goddess of
merchants, is Alamsreft's commercial center.
Toward the end of her formal education, Sivora finally discovered her true
talent. She had always found that solving problems and predicting the
actions of others came much easier to her than anyone else around her.
However, this only allowed her to finish her work sooner and be bored
while the other students continued working, which inevitably led her to
sitting and waiting, planning her weekend, or if allowed, doing additional
work to pass time. She could sit and wait patiently for hours if necessary.
Patience is a virtue, her mother had said time and time again.
At the age of fifteen, she was sent to
the library on one such occasion to
find something to occupy her for the
rest of the day. While mulling over
the book selection, she found a
strange game board with alternating
colored squares. The game pieces
were beautiful, carved or forged from
various materials, studded with small
precious gems, sprinkled with flecks
of gold or silver, and painted either
black or white, for the two different
sides of the board.
She began competing in contests, quickly defeating her older opponents.
Her parents bought her a Lanceboard of her own. Sivora now spent her free
time formulating plans of attack against various scenarios on the board. She
qualified for and entered the barony’s annual Lanceboard competition and
won the title away from a military officer more than twice her age. She was
the youngest champion ever in the barony. In the next year, her love of the
game continued and she again won the Lanceboard championship. She
became the twenty-second repeat champion, and only the fifth to win back-
to-back. In her last year of school, she decided that she would enter the
barony’s army and work toward a career in the military. She certainly
possessed the correct mental attributes, and all the years of pounding out
armor in her father’s workshop had given her a physique that dwarfed the
other girls her age and older (with the exception of her sister, of course).
Sivora entered the competition again, winning in a record five moves to
become the only female to ever win three championships, and the second
person to have a three-peat performance.
Personal Information

Date of Birth:
August 6, 1967
25 years old
Green Eyes, Red Hair, Fair Skin
5'10" & 140 lbs.

Physical Description

Sivora is larger than average,
for a human female, being
taller and a bit more robust.
She's still only 5'10" and
weighs but 140 lbs., but she is
solid and explosively strong.  
Her emerald green eyes are
cold and calculating, taking in
everything they see for future
consideration.  She is quite  
attractive, but more in a simple,
classical way.  She is powerful,
and there are plenty of men
who find that particular trait
desirable and even sexy.
"Aggressive and stupid do
not have to go hand in
hand," Sivora said between
chews.  When most of the
sound stopped, she quickly
added, "uh, your majesty…"

Sivora is a strategist. She loves to figure things out,
especially when in conflict with the object of her figuring.
She can be aloof, even cold at times, but loves
camaraderie and the special bonds shared by
compatriots. Her analytical power is almost matched by
her ferocity and skill in battle.  Once she commits to an
action, she goes all out, knowing that it is the correct
one. She takes orders as well as she gives them,
because anyone who gives her orders that would not
meet success knows that she would  discover that
before they had a chance to be put into action. She is
extremely patient, able to wait and wait and wait for the
correct time to implement her plan. She loves the land
she's lived in all her life and wants to serve it with
everything she has. After her last Lanceboard
championship match, at age eighteen, she was asked
about her publicized dilemma of sacrificing pieces to win
the game. Her reply spoke volumes of her potential as a
commander, saying "…When I am certain there are no
other alternatives, and I know that the sacrifice is vital in
achieving victory, then I will. In such a case, I just ask for
a volunteer". While she can be analytical, aloof, and cold,
she does have an intense fiery outburst just prior to any
combat. Prone to containing dramatic verse, her pre-
battle speeches are eloquent, entertaining, and most
importantly, effective. Few are those who would not
follow where she leads.
Upon graduation, she entered the military and served well for the last three
years. When the old baron died and the young Malagant took over the title, she
stayed with the army, accepting a promotion to captain, the third youngest to
have received the rank (only a combined forty-seven days older than the other
two individuals). She has since been sent out to battle orcs and goblins when
they begin to encroach on settled too closely.

After attaining a position of Captain in the Elite Rimule Talon Guard, she had
fulfilled her dream.  She was working with the best her homeland had to offer
and she was more than proud to be a part of them.  She met and served under
the king himself and when he took ill, the Prince became her acting liege.  
Then, her world collapsed around her.  Her beloved Prince Malagant betrayed
the heroes of the land that he himself had commissioned.

It turned out that the prince was working both sides of the law, and this she
could not handle.  She lashed out and left with the banished heroes, becoming
one in the process.  Her liege had betrayed her and her people and it left her
beliefs in ruin.  Soon after leaving, the motley crew was pounced upon by a
tiefling who stole away with their leader, the paladin and and aasimar Valestis
Medeva.  Sivora leapt into action and likely saved the rest of their crew from
death at the hands of the massive skeletons left behind by the evil creature.

She quickly became the rock they all clung to in their grief for the loss of their
friend.  Having known everyone the least, it was easier for her to move on at
first.  The loss of her homeland and betrayal of the prince was far more painful
for her.  In the months that followed in Belfort, she made a name for herself by
becoming a bounty hunter and defending the town.  She began a physical
relationship with the cleric, Duncan, that eventually blossomed into a true
The pieces in the front rows were all the same, a generic fighter-type hunched over and ready to attack. The back rows
were much different, having three pairs of like pieces on both sides of two obviously superior pieces. She inquired with
the librarian as to what this beautiful collection was and the librarian told her that it was the Lanceboard and its
accompanying pieces. In the days to come, the wise old librarian taught Sivora how to play the game. The girl learned
quickly and after a month of the librarian’s tutelage, the girl began beating the librarian more frequently until Sivora won all
the matches.
"What in the nine hells
could you want before my
hangover has been cured?"
she spat at him.  "Until my
head stops pounding, my
legs are closed!"
"Maybe you're knocked up," Sivora said in between chews, her attention now on some meat on a stick.  
All their eyes locked onto her as the weight of the statement hit her.  "Uh, could be all the wine?
"As long as I live, I do your majesty."
"As long as blood runs through my
veins, I will your majesty."
"As long as I draw breath, I will your majesty."
After the arrival of the Prince of Belois, Artorius, who is a childhood friend of Duncan's, and the return of their paladin
friend from the dead, the group has taken up the mantle of heroes and saviors as they battle ash undead across the land.  
Her lover is apparently the key to this whole affair, and she was certain she would lose him, either to the undead or to his
Prince and kingdom, or even his god.  However, things did not progress the way she anticipated and now she and
Duncan are engaged and are to be married and knighted by the King himself, her future groom's god-father.  She is truly
happy for the first time since her banishment, and now there is the chance that she can return home to set things right. Home Page Our D&D 3X Campaign Our D&D 3X Stories and Adventures D&D 3X SMS Maps D&D 3X SMS Tiles