Obad Hai's Symbol
Sir Tarin Blackblade-McLeod

Male Human from Jinn

Knight Protector of Belois

Neutral Good Ranger / Fighter


Tarin was the son of a knight under Baron Nash Jinn.  His father, Sir Janus McLeod,
and Jinn had grown up together in the military service of the elder Baron’s castle
guard.  At the death of Gordo Jinn, Nash took up the title of Baron and his friend Sir
Janus was elevated to commander of the armies under the young lord.

When Tarin was 10 years old, his father invited him to watch the boy’s first joust.  The
older knight was pitted against a competitor from the rival lands to the West.  The other
knight won all three passes, the last of which unseated Sir Janus and left him
sprawling at on the floor of the coliseum.  Tarin was furious at the crowd for cheering
his father’s defeat.  He rushed to the fallen man’s side, even though it brought more
boos and heckles from the crowd.  The proud knight insisted he was all right and
refused any treatment from the healer, but Tarin knew better.  That night, Janus died of
extensive internal injuries.
Tarin and his mother were heartbroken.  The baron offered them a
residence in the castle, but most of their anger was focused on him
and the traditions that had killed their loved one.  Tarin’s mother asked
to leave the primary grounds and live on the outskirts of the lands.  Her
wish was granted and Jinn sent them to live under the protection of a
ranger by the name of Gavin Blackblade.  Blackblade befriended the
Tarin and took the boy under his wing.  During weekly rounds of the
territory, he’d teach Tarin how to track, fish, hunt, and fight with the
ranger’s favorite possession, his quarterstaff.  He also taught the boy
about Obad-Hai, the god of nature.  The ideas of nature and neutrality
made much more sense to him than the honor and chivalry preached
by his father who followed Heironeous.  Gavin was older than most of
the people who lived in the harsh outer territories, but he was very
capable and brave.  Tarin’s mother also took to the ranger, seeing him
as a more stable father than any of Jinn’s knights who’d courted her,
and they married in a forest ceremony five years after her first
husband's death.
Three years after the marriage, Tarin was called back to the castle.  
Baron Jinn took him aside and offered him a post within the castle
guard that his father and he had served.  Tarin snapped and began
shouting that he would rather be exiled than follow in that man’s
footsteps.  He spit on his birth father’s old ways and said that the
McCleod name was dead to him.  Showing tremendous restraint and
compassion, the Baron explained that every male child must serve
the barony.  He asked if Tarin would like to serve as the official
apprentice to his stepfather and join the ranks of Jinn’s rangers.  
Tarin joyfully accepted, swearing allegiance to his lord.  He spent
three months training with the guardsmen, learning to use weapons
and armor.  At the end of his military training, he thanked the Baron
again and returned home.
In the months that Tarin was gone, hill giants had besieged his home.  
Fighting them off with all his skills and powers, Gavin was beginning to
falter.  The men folk under his watch rose up against the giants, but were
mostly slaughtered by the beasts.  Tarin arrived in time to find his home
destroyed, with no sign of his mother and stepfather.  He followed the giant’s
all too conspicuous trail to a mountain lair.  There he found ten of his
neighbors being held along with his family.  Tarin slipped by the guards at
night and freed the prisoners.  Gavin stayed behind to cover their trail and
Tarin led them back to Jinn’s Castle.  Upon their arrival, the Baron rode with
Tarin and a compliment of knights to the giants’ lair.  There they found Gavin’
s body eviscerated and strung up on a makeshift cross.  They freed him, but
his wounds had taken his life days before.  The baron charged the giants’
lair and slaughtered them all, taking with him considerable bounty that the
giants had horded from his and surrounding lands.  Tarin was awarded a
medal of valor and his stepfather’s quarterstaff.  His mother joined the castle’
s clergy, vowing never to marry again.  She found peace in becoming the
nursemaid to the baroness’s firstborn child.  At her request, they named him
Tarin returned to the lands where his father had patrolled, but could
not shake the anger of his misfortunes.  If Gavin had not been forced
to protect the citizens in the wild, then he’d have been able to flee the
attacks with Tarin’s mother and still be alive today.  If his birth father
had not been forced to serve the baron, then he’d have never jousted
such a superior opponent and would not have died from his wounds.  
One dark night, when these thoughts were more overwhelming than
usual, Tarin abandoned his post, left the barony, and was never heard
from again.
"They are of the mind that
follows orders and nothing
else," Tarin replied.  "I
have despised such men all
my life, and have put into
the ground several who
could not be reasoned with."
"I'm not one to give my life for some cause,"
Tarin replied.  "What has the greater good
ever done to help the individual it asks to give
his life for it?"
“You didn’t kill anyone,” he said to the air.  
“It’s not your fault they’re gone.”
"I've stopped childishly rejecting
my heritage.  The bard even helped
me research my past and both of my
fathers.  I've worn this ring for
years, but never acknowledged the
name it bore.  Now I've taken it as
my own."
Personal Information

Date of Birth:
November 11, 1964
28 years old
Brown Eyes, Brown Hair, Tan Skin
5'9" & 160 lbs.

Physical Description

Tarin is average.  Average height,
average weight, average build.  
He's unusually strong for his size,
and has extraordinary athletic
ability.  His face is usually covered
by 2-3 days of beard, though he
shaves more often now than he  
used to.  He has brown hair to his
shoulders and brown eyes that are
intense and intimidating.  Although
he's now a knight, he still looks
like a ranger.

Tarin's personality was shaped by three main events
in his life.  The first was watching his birth father, a
knight participating in a joust, die in his arms at 10
years old.  His reaction to this unjustified death was to
spurn all things lawful and act out.  His mother moved
him from the castle to the frontier where she  
introduced him to Gavin Blackblade, a woodsman that
would eventually become Tarin's mentor and
step-father.  He learned to release most of his hatred
and channel it into his trade and his deity, Obad Hai.  
Years later, Gavin would be killed defending several
subjects of the king.  Instead of replacing his
step-father, Tarin deserted his post in anger.  He
believed that Gavin would have regretted his oath if he
knew it would end his life, so Tarin swore to never put
himself in such a position.  On the move, his lifestyle
left him with a lot of time for introspection.  He began to
look down on others who never pondered the
meaning of life like he did, and held a lot of disdain for
anyone who followed a flag or a god with no
underlying reasons.
Upon arriving in Rimule,
he met a paladin with
whom he formed an
alliance and friendship.  
This alliance brought
him into contact with
Prince Artorius of Belois
who revealed to him that
his mentor Gavin was in
fact a knight and no
stranger to oaths of
fealty.  This brought
back new memories and
changed Tarin's dim
outlook on service.  He
now acts more knightly,
but will never forget the
lessons learned by his
time in the wilderness.  
He still chooses to
worship Obad Hai.
Tarin Blackblade-McLeod
Tarin Blackblade-McLeod
Tarin Blackblade-McLeod
Tarin Blackblade-McLeod
Tarin Blackblade-McLeod
Tarin Blackblade-McLeod
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