Valestis Medeva
Medeva Coat of Arms
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Sir Valestis Medeva

Male Aasimar from Neverwinter

Knight of the Eternal Order

Knight Protector of Dai-Rynn

Lawful Good Paladin

Kelemvor's Symbol
With the family name and future secure, Valestis was left with time
for other things. He neglected his combat studies and the teachings
of divinity in favor of girls and other amusements. In his 16th year, he
fell in love. For the next year, he and his love, Kaylessa, were
inseparable. They married when they were both 17 and immediately
(some say too immediately) had a son, Cyrin. They had an easy life,
living off the family’s fortunes. When Cyrin was one, tragedy struck
Neverwinter. The city had been betrayed from the inside and was
being slowly overrun by all manner of evil. The family maintained
their mansion as a safe-haven, hospital, barracks, and sometimes
war room.

For three months, the city and the family fought off the siege from
both outside and within. Valestis had taken up arms with his family
and friends. He was, however, not as skilled as anyone else in his
family, and it showed. In the beginning of the third month of the
siege, he was relegated to litter-bearer alongside his wife. It was
during this time that the Medeva house was finally breached. The
first place the enemies found was the “hospital ward” of the house.
Skeletons and zombies, shock troops of an evil necromancer, had
entered the house. Their numbers were overwhelming. The clerics
and priests attending to the wounded and dying were simply not
strong enough to turn them all away and were overrun. In the chaos
that ensued, Valestis lost sight of his wife. He tried in vain to find her
and get upstairs to his son. The hallway to the stairwell was blocked
by rubble from the collapse of nearby stonework and corpses.
Realizing that he was trapped, Valestis gathered what little courage
he had left and turned to face the next wave of undead. Grabbing a
mace from a dead cleric, Valestis bellowed and charged into the
oncoming skeletons. After what seemed an eternity of smashing
bones and ignoring pain, Valestis finally succumbed to the
overwhelming odds and collapsed to the floor. As he lay on the floor
waiting to die, he happened to roll his eyes to his left. Some six or
seven feet away lay the body of Kaylessa, still and lifeless. That was
the last thing he saw before he drifted off into unconsciousness.
Twenty-seven people died in the house that day, including his wife
and his parents.
It was time to begin healing and rebuilding. It was in the
first week of this process that Valestis began hearing
voices and sounds in his head. A whispering voice that
hauntingly called his name, the rattling of bones, and the
moans of the dying. The night-and-day-mares continued
for three months. On the first night of the fourth month,
the dream was different, more like a vision. In it, he still
heard the voice, but there were no other sounds. For the
first time, he saw something, a temple of sorts. Bones
and skulls adorned the building, but light came from the
inside. When he awoke, he recognized the temple as that
of the mortuary temple in Neverwinter. Once belonging
to the god of Death, Nerull, it had been taken over by a
new god, Kelemvor, and his more benevolent followers.
He remembered hearing how the new priests hated their
surroundings, but the city was not about to pay for a
remodeling of a cemetery temple and the new church
simply did not have the funds. That was a few decades
ago, but as he knew from recent trips to the temple and
cemetery, it was unchanged.
That very day, still limping and using a crutch despite his sister’s efforts,
he made his way slowly to the Temple of  Kelemvor, the Lord of the
Dead. Upon arrival, he was recognized and greeted by the clergy. “What
can I do for you my son? Your family and friends have already met
Kelemvor and are with him now. Or perhaps you come for a different
reason?” Valestis told the old priest of how his dream had led him there
on that day. He spent the next month learning about Kelemvor and his
doctrine and began training for a position within the church. It was
quickly noticed that he had untapped talent with arms and much
promise with the school of Divinity. Once his studies were complete
enough and his body and spirit completely healed, Valestis took the oath
of the Knights of the Eternal Order, Kelemvor’s Paladins. He pledged his
life to the proper passage of mortals to the next world, to the destruction
of undead and their creators, and as a paladin, to the defense of those in
need. Valestis purchased his own equipment. He donated one-half of his
inheritance to the church, which would pay for more than the temple
renovations. The other half, he gave to his siblings as a parting gift to
them, keeping but a few hundred gold to get him somewhere.

He hopped a boat to a far away land. Purchasing a map, he studied it for
inspiration. With his eyes closed, he ran a finger over the map, then
stopped and opened his eyes. His finger was directly under the name
“Barony of Rimule”. That would be his next destination. After traveling
for weeks and performing funeral rites, proper burials, and executing a
few last will and testaments, he finds himself on his way to the capital…
Personal Information

Date of Birth:  February 2, 1966
26 years old
White Eyes, White Hair, Light Tan
6'2" & 220 lbs.

Physical Description

Valestis is an imposing figure, with
above average height, broad
shoulders, a square jaw, and
pupil-less, glowing eyes.  His stare
can be unnerving if one is not
accustomed to seeing it. As an
aasimar, he is attractive to the vast
majority of creatures interested in
males.  His hair was once light
brown, but is now pure white, devoid
of color.                           

Valestis is a gentle, kind soul who is constantly reminded of his loss.  He can be
morose and somber at times, but makes a concentrated effort to at least appear
jovial.  He is soft-spoken for the most part, but he does possess a natural quality that
attracts others to him. He can put the sick and dying at ease with but a look, a soft
word, or a smile. He holds a great respect for the dead, for if it was not for them, the
world would not be what it is today, both good and ill.  As kind and compassionate
as he normally is, if provoked or angered, Valestis can become vengeance incarnate.
A touch of celestial runs through his veins, so he has a natural aversion to evil and
an affinity for good.  He is most likely to be hostile toward any creature that is evil.  
After his death the hands of She and her Nerull minions and accomplices, Valestis has taken new heart to the word of the Lord
of the Dead.  He has been in the presence of his wife and son in the Fugue Plane and this, above all else, has helped to ease
his pain.  He wants to wed again and have children again, with duty permitting and with the right lady, of course.  He has
sworn an oath of fealty to King Belois and now serves his liege under his son, Prince Artorius, while battling the ash undead
that plague the land.  His friend Duncan has recently become a paladin and he is quite pleased with this turn of events.  He has
been rejected by his second love, Tia, but has found another possible interest in the angelic and powerful Raina Jade.  
Romance will have to wait, for now though, as there is evil aplenty to destroy, including the ash undead and the traitorous
Prince Malagant Rimule.  Valestis will never admit this, but deep down, he craves personal justice against the Prince who
betrayed him.  His death affected his friends more than anyone truly realized, however they are all now stronger for the
experience and even stronger than that upon his return.  They will all need that strength.
Valestis Medeva
Valestis Medeva
Valestis Medeva

Valestis is a twelfth generation Aasimar. At least, that’s as far back as he can trace
his lineage. The nature of the Celestial being whose trace can still be found in his
blood is unknown. Long gone are the days when members of his family had wings
or visible auras. All that remains of his divine heritage are intangible, save one. His
eyes have no pupils, no pigment. They are a brilliant white and emit the faintest of
glows. Few are those who can look in them for a time and not begin to squirm, and
those who can usually have nothing to fear from them. The Medeva name has found
its share of success, championing causes both large and small throughout the
centuries. The family has more than its share of heroes, champions, and martyrs.
While in the service of the church, state, or themselves, every generation has taken
up arms against evil. His generation is no different. He has two older siblings, a
sister and a brother. His brother has already taken their father’s place as a Swordarm
of Heironeous in Neverwinter. His sister is a Morninglord of Pelor and has twin sons,
both of whom still retain their pigment less eyes.
He awoke the next day, surprisingly alive, in his own
bed. At his side when he awoke was his sister. It was she
who had destroyed that last of the undead horde within
the house and had found him near death. He learned for
certain that his wife and parents had perished, but that
his son was alive. In another week’s time, tragedy would
strike again. A day before reinforcements were to arrive,
a catapult shot managed to strike the house. Among the
six people killed was Valestis’ son, Cyrin. Valestis
himself again barely escaped with his life, suffering two
broken legs, but survived. It was almost as if death itself
could not claim him, no matter how hard it tried. The next
day, reinforcements did arrive and the combined forces
drove away the invaders while a hero discovered who
was behind the whole affair and slew the villain.
"If I could invent a language that
had never been spoken and could not
be repeated, then, maybe, I could put
into words the way a man feels when
he takes in your beauty."
“There is always hope, friend.  Always.”
"I've used my 'get out of death free' card.  At least I
had time to receive a message from my lord." "What
did he say," asked the monk solemnly. "He told me to
be more careful," Valestis laughed. Home Page Our D&D 3X Campaign Our D&D 3X Stories and Adventures D&D 3X SMS Maps D&D 3X SMS Tiles