Arlyn Varss                              CL4

Medium  Jedi 4

INITIATIVE +8; SENSES Perception +9
LANGUAGES Basic, Sullestese

DEFENSES - 16 (flat-footed 15), Fort 15, Will 17

SPEED 6 squares
MELEE Lightsaber +7 (2d8+5) or +7 (2d8+6) with
both hands
RANGED  + ()
BASE ATK +4; Grapple +5
SPECIAL ACTIONS Disciplined Strike,
Telekinetc Savant
FORCE POWERS:  [Use the Force +14] Battle
Strike, Surge, Force Slam(x2), Move Object(x2),
Negate Energy(x2), Rebuke

ABILITIES Str 12, Dex 12, Con 10, Int 12, Wis 15,
Cha 14
RACIAL ABILITIES - Bonus Trained Skill, Bonus

TALENTS Disciplined Strike, Telekinetc Savant
FEATS Weapon Proficiency (lightsabers), Weapon
Proficiency (simple weapons), Force Sensitivity,
Force Training, Force Training, Skill Focus [Use
Force], Force Training, Weapon Focus (lightsabers)

SKILLS Acrobatics +8, Initiative +8, Perception
+9, Use Force +14

EQUIPMENT Lightsaber, Clothing, Credit Chip,
Utility belt

XP - 9654;      Next LVL - 10000;      To Go - 346
Arlyn Varss

Human Female from Ord Mantell

Arlyn Varss
Personal Information

Born 3 BBL on Ord Mantell
19 years old
Blonde hair, Blue eyes, Fair skin
1.52m (5') tall & 36 kg (79 lbs)

Physical Description and Personality

Arlyn is a beautiful young woman. She has slightly longer than shoulder length
blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. She is small, standing at only 1.52m (5’)
and weighing but 36 kg (79 pounds). Do not judge her by her size, as the Force
is her ally. She is energetic but introverted; strong-willed yet still
impressionable; charismatic yet shy. She forgoes the traditional Jedi robe in
favor of form fitting clothing that accentuates her lean frame. She still retains
her goofy awkwardness unless she is actively focusing on the force, in which
case she becomes supremely confident and smooth.
"Oops! Sorry!"
"Let the Force guide me…"

Arlyn was born on Ord Mantell to a cantina owner and his wife. She was special, even as a child. Her latent force abilities allowed her
to react quicker, think faster, and have a better understanding of her surroundings. While she barely scratched the surface of her true
Force talent, it was enough for people to talk about. With the flux of Jedi and Sith combat and the Exchange bounty, her parents
scolded the child when it was obvious she was tapping into the force a little.

She subdued her instincts and became a clumsy, skittish, shy girl. She was still cute and smart, so most folks just assumed it was the
awkwardness of the human teenager presenting itself a little early. She managed to suppress her connection to the force until one day
when she and some friends were at a local zoo. One of the large off-world predators managed to escape from its enclosure.

Visitors ran in fear from the beast while zoo personnel tried in vain to stop it. Arlyn got lost in the confusion that ensued and ended up
directly in the beast’s path. As she rose to her feet, it towered above her. Panicked, but seemingly oblivious, the slight girl stood firm in
the creature’s path. As it lunged at her, her instincts took over and she unconsciously used the force to lift the creature off it’s feet and
fling it a little more than a meter away from here. Dazed, the beast was then able to be subdued by zoo security.

It was only a few days later that a former bounty hunter turned Jedi approached the girl and her parents in their cantina. The Jedi
Knight Mira had sensed the disturbance and raced to beat the Sith to the girl. Her parents knew that their daughter was destined for
greater things and allowed Mira to take her to Telos to begin her Jedi training.

It was easy for Master Atris to see that the girl was strong in the force. Atris is very knowledgeable of the differences between saber-
wielding and true force-users. Therefore, the girl’s training was closely monitored by Atris to ensure that she had control of her abilities.

She became Master Brianna’s first padawan. The Echani Jedi instilled in the girl physical discipline as well as teaching her forms of the
force that were least likely to tempt her to the Dark Side. Brianna saw that when tapping into the force, Arlyn was different. She cast
off her awkward mannerisms and was more Jedi than most students. When not actively focusing or using the force, however, she
reverted to her still awkward and shy persona that had masked her abilities for so long. Brianna tried her best to instill more
confidence in the girl, but she soon decided to concentrate on her force personality and hope that it would eventually override the other
one once she grew stronger and more experienced.

Satisfied with her progress, Atris spoke personally to the young padawan, saying “Your lightsaber will not be your weapon of choice.
The force flows through you like the water over the falls. Be ever aware of your heart. Search your feelings and make sure you are
calm, at peace. A Jedi uses the force for knowledge and defense, never for attack.”

Arlyn hopes to be able to heed Atris’ words and become the great Jedi many think she will. Home Page Our Saga Edition Page Books & Tools Our Old Saga Campaign Old SMS Maps Old SMS Tiles