Asheemi Ta                              CL4

Medium Togruta Jedi 4

INITIATIVE +5; SENSES Perception +5
LANGUAGES Basic and Torguti

DEFENSES - 18 (flat-footed 15), Fort 15, Will

SPEED 6 squares
MELEE Lightsaber (blue blade) +9 (2d8+5) or
MELEE Lightsaber (blue blade) +9 (2d8+6)
with both hands
MELEE Lightsaber (blue blade) +14 (2d8+6)
with Acrobatic Strike
SPECIAL ACTIONS Deflect (+12), Block
(+12), Acrobatic Strike

ABILITIES Str 13, Dex 17, Con 10, Int 10,
Wis 17, Cha 10
RACIAL ABILITIES - Spatial Awareness,

TALENTS Deflect, Block
FEATS Force Sensitivity, Weapon Proficiency
(simple weapons), Weapon Proficiency
(lightsabers), Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus
(lightsabers), Acrobatic Strike, Skill Focus
[Use Force]

SKILLS Acrobatics +10, Use Force +12
EQUIPMENT Lightsaber (blue blade, +1 to
hit, 2d8+2 dmg modified), utility belt, credit
chip, Jedi Robes
Asheemi Ta

Togruta Female from Shili

Personal Information

Born 8 BBL on Shili
23 years old
White and black headtails, Black eyes, Orange to red skin
1.69m tall & 51 kg

Physical Description and Personality

Asheemi is a petite humanoid, measuring just 1.69 meters to the tops of her
headtails.  Her skin is a faded red which flushes with a deeper shade when she
is impassioned.  She has very sharp teeth like most of her species, but is not
unattractive and gets her share of attention from males.  She is a dedicated
student, very serious and formidable in combat.  She uses her natural skill at
acrobatics to gain an advantage with her lightsaber.  Her teachers believe she
will be a great Jedi Master if she can overcome her innate hunter instincts and
control her emotions.

Asheemi was born in 8 BBL on Shili which has been part of the Galactic Republic for many
generations.  Her tribe had produced many Force Sensitives, and Asheemi’s parents were
no different.  Although they were trained to be Jedi, the Togruta would often return to their
native planet and tribe to mate and then return to the Order.  It was condoned by the Jedi
Council because the love they felt for each other as mates did not consume them any more
than the love they had for their tribe.  There was no sense of possession or the negative
emotions associated with loss that led down the path to the Dark Side.

Like others of her race, Asheemi was sent to Coruscant to the Jedi Temple.  Because of
their natural ability in combat, many of the best lightsaber duelists in the Order came from
Shili.  Asheemi showed early talent with the lightsaber, as well as her connection to the
Living Force.  When she was twelve, her parents were killed at the Conclave of Katarr by
Darth Nihilus.  Like the other younglings who were considered too young or inexperienced
to defend themselves against the Sith threat, she was smuggled away with non-Force users
and told to hide her abilities.  She spent three years moving from place to place, visiting
planets on the outer rim with her guardians.  When the threat was finally extinguished,
Asheemi returned to her training on Coruscant.

The years of exile diminished her abilities to a degree, but she was able to regain most of
her lost training within a couple of years.  Her training has progressed to the level of
padawan learner and she has been transferred to the Telos Academy to continue her
training in the real world.
Aseemi's Lightsaber
Asheemi Ta
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