HanK                              CL4

Medium Droid 4th degree Soldier 3 / Scoundrel 1

INITIATIVE +11; SENSES Perception +9
LANGUAGES Basic, Binary, Zabrak

DEFENSES - 24 (flat-footed 20), Fort 17, Will 15

SPEED 6 squares
RANGED Blaster Rifle +9 (3d8+2) or +10 (3d8+3) with
PBS or
RANGED Autofire Blaster Rifle +4 (3d8+2) or +5 (3d8+3)
with AF & PBS or
MELEE Fist +4 (1d3+3)
BASE ATK +3; Grapple +7
SPECIAL ACTIONS Personal Modifications, Cover Fire,
Precise Shot, Running Attack

ABILITIES Str 12, Dex 18, Con --, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 9
RACIAL ABILITIES - Ability Modifier, Maintenance,
Memory, Nonliving, Repair, Ion Damage Vulnerability

TALENTS Battle Analysis, Personal Modifications, Cover
FEATS Armor Proficiency (light), Armor Proficiency
(medium), Weapon Proficiency (pistols), Weapon
Proficiency (rifles), Weapon Proficiency (simple weapons),
Weapon Focus (rifles), Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot,
Running Attack

SKILLS , Initiative +11, Mechanics +8, Perception +9, Use
Comp +8

EQUIPMENT Blaster Rifle, 2 Hand Appandages, Walking
Locomotion, Heuristic Processor, Vocabulator, Locked
Access, Diagnostics Package, Chassis, Second Battery,
Imp. Sensor Package, Durasteel Armor

XP - 9654;      Next LVL - 10000;      To Go - 346
Personal Information

Unknown Manufacture Date
Republic Wardroid Chassis

Physical Descriptiona nd Personality

HanK is a droid who has been reassembled and rebuilt piece by piece
from different droids. He has the Chassis of a Republic Wardroid, but
the processor, vocabulator and therefore, personality and speech
mannerisms of an HK series assassin droid. He obeys his master and
serves as a protocol droid and tech aid. His true value is that of a
combat droid, however. He is aggressive and prefers combat to
anything else.

(Please note that Hank and Zev share a Biography)

Zeven Thanas was born on Commenor in 3969 BBY to a city administrator and his young wife. As is common with Force Sensitive
children in the Core Worlds, he was taken to the Jedi Academy on Coruscant at an early age for his Jedi training.

He could feel the force, yes, but he had trouble controlling it. He was also not as in tune with it as others. He was far better with a
lightsaber and was somewhat of a brute, as he was simply bigger than the other younglings. When the other students grew and began to
show more prowess with the force, thus aiding their fighting skills, Zev fell behind. Try as he might, the force just did not flow through
him as easily.

The Mandalorian Wars broke out as did the Jedi Civil War. Then came the annihilation of Katarr and the Jedi amassed their. Zeven
was stationed at the temple for all of this time, master-less as younger pupils showing more promise in the force took up the few
padawan spots available. When the Sith came to destroy the temple on Coruscant and the remaining Jedi, Zev was one of the few old
enough to stand against them. He lost his left arm at the shoulder defending the temple, but not his life. Likely thought to be dead, he
survived the massacre.

He awoke in a republic military hospital on Coruscant two days later. Only moments after he awoke he was handed a sealed, hand-
written message. It informed him of the purge of the Jedi throughout the galaxy. He was told his belongings could be found in a security
locker in the hospital. He was fitted for a cybernetic replacement arm and hand and requested an older, cheaper, and decidedly more
cumbersome model. He decided it was best to look as if he didn’t have money or Jedi access to the best of care and equipment. The
model he chose was common for injured soldiers who needed little more than to hold the barrel of a blaster rifle with it.

After his surgery, he retrieved his belongings along with enough credits to last him awhile and get him off planet. He quickly decided
against trying to find his family, fearing he would only put them in danger. He booked passage away from Coruscant and wandered a bit
before landing a job as a laborer on a freighter based on Sluis Van. He maintained an apartment their near one of the many, many
shipyards in orbit around the planet even though his freighter traveled regularly. He told all who asked that he lost his arm in republic
army training incident and was discharged.

While part of the freighter crew, he discovered that he had some mechanical aptitude and proved his worth as more than an imposing
figure with a strong back. He tinkered on his arm using his other hand to further develop his skills. He developed them enough to
install a hidden compartment in his arm’s bicep area to hide his lightsaber in. The arm was so large and bulky, that he was able to fit
the section in without making the bicep noticeably larger. He was able to reroute the circuitry around the compartment to disguise it
from scanners as well.

The Jedi training instilled in him so early in life made him resist forming close attachments. He had friends in the crew and enjoyed the
company of a few ladies here and there, but he never let anyone get too close. That is, until the ship’s first-mate, a slightly older,
vulgar, yet sultry Corellian named Amira Niedra, took a fancy to him. It started as a drunken partnering, but developed into a
relatively normal relationship when she wasn’t giving him orders on the ship. They spent a good deal of time together, and it was
obvious to all others that they were a couple.

During this time, Zev began assembling a droid out of salvaged or discarded parts he came across. After a handful of years and lots of
sweating and cussing, not to mention a good deal of credits, he managed to gather the last of what he needed within his budget. He
came across a shady Aqualish droid dealer on Nar Shaddaa and purchased an unusual processor and an accompanying vocabulator.
They presented a challenge in cracking their encryption for installation, but he was able to do it. Once assembled and finally turned on,
the droid announced its function as an HK series protocol droid. The HK series was unknown to him, and despite his best efforts, he
was never able to find any additional information on them. He decided to name the droid “HanK” after the series letters.

At the time, HanK was housed in a chassis made from various droids, mostly protocol units. The droid had a strange manner of
speaking and even stranger behaviors for a protocol droid. It prefaced most verbal communications with a description of the type of
remark it was about to make. It was certainly unique and Zev rather liked it. Though funny looking, the droid definitely retained some
other quirks from its mysterious processor. From day one, it had a sense of being, of self-worth. It was subservient to Zev, but took no
orders from anyone else. It could be said that the droid even disdained others.

The droid’s appearance would have to wait, because Zev was saving his money for something else. He bought a ring and proposed to
Amira, who happily accepted. Before they were married, Zev felt the need to tell her about his past. She didn’t believe him and he
produced his lightsaber as proof.

A week before the wedding, he was to meet Amira at their apartment on Coruscant. Upon entering, he was attacked by two men. He
was able to dodge one shot but the second one landed. He staggered, but remained upright. Instinct took over and he released his
lightsaber from its longtime home and ignited it. The next blaster shots barely missed their target and he was able to fell one of his
assailants with a thrust of his energy blade.

The other attacker fired again. The shot passed by Zev, but connected squarely with HanK, who was slowly making his way into the
room from the adjoining bedroom. The attacker deftly dodged a lightsaber slash. He shouted at Zev “Amira wished you had more, but
The Exchange’s bounty will have to suffice!” His tactic worked as Zev hesitated for an instant. That was all it took for his last shot to
find its mark. Zev’s lightsaber extinguished as he felt it slide from his grip. He was on floor looking up. Another blaster shot sounded.
He closed his eyes and expected death, but it did not come. Instead, he heard the distinct sound of a body collapsing on the floor.
Another blaster shot rang out. Zev looked at the direction the blasts came from. Holding the blaster pistol dropped by the other
attacker was none other than HanK. He stepped a little closer still and fired another shot into the already dead second gunman.

Zev awoke hours later in his own bed later. His head was swimming and his body was in pain. Regaining his memory, he found HanK in
the room, still holding one of the blaster pistols. “Have you recovered, Master?” the droid asked. After telling the droid that he was
indeed not recovered and needed medical attention, the droid replied “You should consider replacing more parts, Master. You could
just repair yourself. Flesh is so fragile.” Fortunately, one of his attackers had a medpac and Zev was able to heal himself quite well with

HanK played back a recording from earlier that day. In it, his fiancé’s voice instructed the men as to when he would return home and
reviewed the details of payments. His bride-to-be, the only person he had allowed himself to love, had betrayed him. She had given him
up to The Exchange.

Coming briefly to his senses, he remarked to HanK “How did you record that? I didn’t know you could do that.”

“Neither did I Master” replied the droid. “Nor did I know that I could use one of these” it stated, raising the blaster still in its hand.
“Or that I would enjoy it”.

Zev dismissed the droid’s use of the word “enjoy” as a result of his tinkering with its processor and decided to save pondering of its
abilities for another time. As his next immediate course of action, Zev sought out his employer. The authorities had questioned him
about the first-mate, Amira. She had been found shot to death an hour before, but had likely been dead since before Zev himself was
attacked. The Exchange thugs had gotten their information and eliminated her as a precaution and to keep her share of the bounty as

Zev told the old captain what had happened and why. The old salt had served as a Republic naval officer in his younger days. He saw
many battles won due to the Jedi and their abilities. The older man told Zev to go. “I never saw you today lad. I don’t know where you
are. I don’t know anything about your past.”

As Zev turned to leave, the captain said “Kid…” and Zev turned to face him. “May the Force be with you” he finished.

Zev and HanK laid low. Thanks to the credits the thugs had on them and the credits he got for selling their other equipment and some
of his own belongings, he was able to afford not to get another job for months. Eventually though, he had to seek employment and found
a job working security in a relatively nice establishment that featured dancing girls.

He worked there for a year before arriving home and having HanK announce “A lady to see you, master”. It was Mira, a robed, red-
headed Jedi searching for former Jedi and force sensitive beings. She told him of the new Jedi Order and of Vima Sunrider, whom Zev
had actually met in passing once before the massacre on Katarr and ensuing purge. She told him that the Room of a Thousand
Fountains flowed once more. He immediately resigned his job and left Sluis Van with Mira to rejoin the Jedi. As with all other split
career Jedi, he was sent to Telos to continue his training. He was soon assigned to train under Bao-Dur as his padawan since their
abilities were very much in common.

Bao-Dur installed a new, properly fitted and lighter arm on his padawan and professed to even know about the HK series of protocol
droids and after examining HanK’s still damaged processor, he told Zev that the droid merely had a heuristic processor (the truth), but
made no mention of the HK series actually being assassin droids. The original owner of the parts found on Nar Shaddaa may have even
been destroyed by Bao-Dur himself during his time there with the Exile. During his training, Zev was able to replace HanK’s chassis
with that of a republic wardroid to vastly improve his appearance.

Zev was hungry to use the Force again. It flowed more easily now than it had when he was younger. Why, he did not know. Though it
flowed freely, due to his cybernetics he still had a slightly muted connection to it. His eagerness and former training allowed him to
advance faster than the most of the other students, even with his slightly diminished Force connection. There was no doubt that his
prowess would be in the use of the lightsaber, and he could not have asked for a better teacher than Battlemaster Bao-Dur.

He has progressed far enough to be sent off-world on a mission and it is a welcome task. He longs to prove his worth to the Jedi,
though within him still smolders the embers of hate for the Sith and what he was witness to and victim of in his youth. The betrayal of
his fiancé still lingers within him as well. His feelings are not entirely hidden and the masters know that there is conflict within him. He
must overcome his feelings if he is to become a true Jedi hero. Such is the path of the Jedi.
May I blast them Master?"

4th Degree Droid with a Male personality from Unknown
(reassembled on Sluis Van)

Soldier / Scoundrel
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