Kalwarr (white hunter)                              CL5

Medium Wookiee Soldier 4 / Scoundrel 1

INITIATIVE +8; SENSES Perception +2
LANGUAGES Shyriiwook, Basic (understand),
Ryl (understand), Durese (understand)

DEFENSES - 18 (flat-footed 17), Fort 19, Will 16

SPEED 6 squares
MELEE Ryyk Blade +7 (2d8+8) with both hands
or Raged +9 (2d8+10)
RANGED Bowcaster +6 (3d10+4) or +7 (3d10+5)
or with Point Blank Shot
RANGED Bowcaster +7 (3d10+6) with Pers.
Mods or +8 (3d10+7) also w/ PBS
BASE ATK +4; Grapple +6
SPECIAL ACTIONS Personalized Modifications,
Devastating Attack, Vehicular Combat

ABILITIES Str 14, Dex 13, Con 14, Int 14, Wis
10, Cha 10
RACIAL ABILITIES - Ability Modifier,
Extraordinary Recuperation, Rage, Intimidating,
Expert Climber, Bonus Feats

TALENTS Demolitions, Personalized
Modifications, Devastating Attack
FEATS Weapon Proficiency (pistols), Weapon
Proficiency (rifles), Weapon Proficiency (simple
weapons), Armor Proficiency (light), Armor
Proficiency (medium), Tech Specialist, Skill Focus
[Mechanics], Point Blank Shot, Vehicular Combat,
Skill Focus [Use Comp]

SKILLS , Initiative +8, Mechanics +14, Pilot +8,
Treat Inj +7, Use Comp +14

EQUIPMENT Bowcaster, Ryyk Blade, Bandolier,
Credit Chip, Tool Kit, Security Kit, Medpac,
Power Recharger, Power Packs, Glow Rod

XP - 10654;      Next LVL - 15000;      To Go - 4346
Personal Information

Born 85 BBL on Kashyyyk
100 years old
White fur, Palee blue eyes, Pale
pink nose and hands
2m (7') tall & 136 kg (300 lbs)

Physical Description and

Kalwarr is a large, imposing, and
rare white wookiee, standing at
over 2m tall (7’+) and weighing in
at 136 kg (just shy of 300 pounds).
Though a large wook, he is very
intelligent. Kal is a dangerous foe
and a valuable ally. As a very rare
white wookiee, he stands out
instantly among any crowd. He is
extremely loyal to those he
considers worthy of his friendship.
He abhors slavers of all kinds and
considers himself to have a
personal vendetta against them. He
has a knack for mechanics and
computers and has been known to
tweak weapons, armor, and
vehicles to be more effective.
Though very intelligent, he is still a
wookiee and more than one
uncooperative hydrospanner and
monitor have suffered his wrath.

Kalwarr, or white hunter as his name loosely translates, was born in 4,041. Kal grew
up as most wookiees do, climbing the native wroshyr trees and running around their
woodland habitat. He was always slightly different, however. Foremost, his fur is
white. He is not an albino, he just happens to one of the 1% of the population born
with either black or white fur. He always stood out among other wookiees. He was
also uncharacteristically cautious for a wookiee. Some felt that he was timid due to
appearing so different from his fellows and this is certainly a possibility.

He became an acquaintance of a wookiee named Gorwooken upon reaching
adulthood. They were friends, though wookiees usually shared a stronger bond with
one another even if they had never met anyway. By this time, there were humans and
other species with bases on Kashyyyk supplying the populace with various bits of
technology. Kal and Gorwooken would spend quite a bit of time among the other
races. Kal was fascinated by the different ships that came in and all of the gadgets
that accompanied them.
"Hhnnrrr aaarrrrnnnrrrhhh ggrraaahhhrr!"
Kalwarr (White Hunter)

Wookiee Male from Kashyyyk

Soldier / Scoundrel
[The salvers are mine!]
It was soon after the appearance of humans and other species en masse that a coup occurred within the ruling family of Rwookrrorro, the
capital. The chief, Freyyr, was cast into the Shadowlands and his eldest son, Zaalbar, was branded a madclaw and exiled. The other son,
Chuundar, assumed the title of chief. Secretly, the new chief made a deal with the aliens of the Czerka Corporation and began selling his
fellow wookiees into slavery. As time went on, this activity became less and less subtle.

Since he spent time around the other species on the planet, Kalwarr became aware of this situation. He approached his closest fiend,
Gorwooken, with this information. Unbeknownst to Kal, Gorwooken had already been involved in Chuundar’s slaving scheme. Somehow,
he had managed to keep it hidden from Kalwarr. Truthfully, it wasn’t difficult. Gorwooken’s business among the offworlders turned into
business representing Chuundar and Kalwarr was oblivious to this as he was tinkering with whatever junk had piled up at the spaceport.

Gorwooken knew that the time had come for him to accept one of the offers he had received for the white wookiee. He had refused to sell
his friend Kal into slavery, but he knew that he would never see Chuundar’s wisdom and as he stood out so easily, could make things very
difficult for the new chief, and for Gorwooken’s chances at status and privilege. Setting up a ruse to meet Kal at the spaceport that night,
Gorwooken laid a trap and the white wookiee was taken off planet by Czerka slavers. He never saw Gorwooken there, but knew that his
friend had betrayed him.

Years, then decades went by as Kalwarr was a slave to a handful of masters. He was sold whenever his novelty factor wore off or faded
away. Most of his masters made good money charging others to see the rare specimen. He was fortunate. Since his appearance was his
attraction, he was never physically harmed by his captors. Many of his fellow captives were beaten, overworked, or otherwise abused.

His last master was a wealthy young socialite whose older husband, a former Czerka big-wig who retired to Yaga Minor to live like a
king, had purchased him as a gift for his new trophy wife. The man had passed away since and no one paid to see the white wookiee
anymore. Sometimes, he wasn’t even fed for a few days. She also kept other slaves in the house as servants and laborers. The lady and
her new beau (who had actually poisoned her older husband) had run this kind of scam many times before. They had become ridiculously
wealthy and he had turned to running arms in between the scams. Feigning grief, the lady had sealed up the secluded home, but they
secretly manufactured weapons and arms inside for the highest bidder.

He was regarded as a primitive, unintelligent savage, and he used this to his advantage. He was given manual labor to perform, but kept
his eyes open and his ears peeled. Most workers didn’t think he could even understand basic. He watched them assemble, repair, and
test various weapons and devices. No one could have guessed that he was watching everything carefully, taking in all of his surroundings.
He plotted, schemed, and planned.

Finally, the time came. On a night in the first few weeks of the year 3,945, someone had gotten lax in their duties and did not properly
charge up the force cages. None of the other captives noticed. They were either passed out from exhaustion or too weak or tired to
notice. Knowing that the locks were far easier to open without the cages charged, Kalwarr revealed a few smaller tools and parts he had
managed to hide in his fur. Not a difficult thing to accomplish, really. He quickly assembled a small blaster pistol and then deftly picked
the lock and opened his cage. He could already smell the blood in the air that he was planning to unleash.

Quickly and as quietly as possible, he released the other captives. He knew the closest place the weapons were stored and led those that
could follow there. The first two guards were easy enough to dispatch. They were so in shock, they did not even radio for help, let alone
set off an alarm. Kal deactivated the security devices for the storage room. No one in the complex would know they were in there.

The captives set a trap for their masters. Removing the guards’ bodies and setting off the alarm, they waited. It was not long before more
guards arrived and opened the door. They were greeted by a hail of blaster fire. A dozen guards were cut down in an instant.

Kalwarr then led his fellow captives to other areas populated by guards and dispatched them with violent ease. They ended up near the
newly constructed hangar area and Kalwarr led the charge into the hangar itself. There were only a handful of guards stationed there.
They were no match for the enraged wookiee and his fellows. Four were shot before they could stand up. One managed to fire a shot
before being blasted and the last one was beaten down by Kalwarr with the butt of his blaster rifle.

Still fully enraged, Kalwarr sent some of his fellow captives to fetch those that did not come with them. He left a few with the ship.
Fortunately, among the captives were two Duros who were merchant pilots before being abducted. The two left, a green-skinned former
dancing girl twi’lek and a one-eyed sullustan, he commanded to follow him. There were no other wookiees present, but the twi’lek and a
human both knew shyriiwook could help to translate.

Kalwarr led the two slaves up to the living quarters. With all but the last couple of guards dead, the three slaves made it to their master
with relative ease. The guards put up almost no resistance. One actually begged for his life, but Kalwarr looked into his eyes and saw his
life without honor and let the sullustan shoot him. Their master cowered in the corner of her room, weeping, frantically begging for her
own life. Without flinching or hesitating, Kalwarr lifted her into the air eye to eye with him by her throat using one arm. He locked eyes
with her and for the first time in her life, she really knew what fear was. He squeezed his massive hand until the woman ceased twitching
and let her corpse thump to the floor.

The other slaves looted the place for what they could find. The ship they were absconding with was a larger light freighter. Almost all of
the space had been converted into cargo holds. As such, there was room for all of them, including those in make shift litters. While the
others filled the empty spaces with various items to trade or sell, at Kalwarr’s behest, one of the escapees rigged a series of detonators in
the building. The ship of slaves would leave only rubble behind them.

When all were ready, Kal stood alone on the loading ramp. With the bay open, the ship was ready to leave. Pushing the button on the
remote detonator, Kal said goodbye to his life as a slave. The first detonation rumbled through the building. The ramp began to lift him up
into the ship as it began its own lift off. As the loading ramp closed completely, the second explosion rocked the complex. There were two
more explosions before the hangar bay collapsed, and the ship of slaves was in position to watch it from a safe distance by then.

The ship headed to what the Duros considered a friendly port, that of Dantooine. They had been imprisoned for only a few years and
knew that the Jedi had returned to the galaxy and that the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine was rebuilt and renovated. Sure enough, when the
escaped slaves arrived on Dantooine, they were soon being aided by the Jedi as well as the citizens of Khoonda, the capital city near the
Jedi Enclave.

While the other slaves called him a hero, Kalwarr regretted the cold-blooded nature with which he had killed. Sure, his captors lacked
honor and they certainly deserved their fate, but he felt the irresistible urge to repent. To do that, he would need to go home, to
Kashyyyk. He knew that the Jedi Revan had helped free his people from the Czerka slavers and the traitorous Chuundar. He knew that
Freyyr was now chieftain again. He wondered if Gorwooken had survived the purge.

The Jedi arranged a flight to take him home. He was very grateful for their hospitality and aid. He did not swear a life debt to them, but
promised them he would return their kindness if ever possible.

Arriving on Kashyyyk, he learned of Gorwooken’s death at the hands of the Jedi Revan. He re-acclimated to life on Kashyyyk well
enough. He still stood out, but he had an undeniable knack for machinery and computers. He was also part of a group that had been off
world long enough to realize the value of not being ostracized from the galaxy.

His group petitioned Freyyr to reopen Kashyyyk, but to no avail. Not necessarily xenophobic, but extremely wary of outsiders, Freyyr
would not budge. He even acknowledged their compelling arguments, but refused to reopen the planet. After a few years, he made a
suggestion, though. In his wisdom, Freyyr told Kalwarr’s group of wookiees to “…be the vanguard of the new Kashyyyk. Spread yourself
among the stars and be our eyes and ears, returning when you wish to. Bring honor to the clans and when Kashyyyk is ready, it will
embrace the galaxy once more.”

Kalwarr and the others saw the wisdom in Fryer’s words. This group would continue to ruffle the fur of others while on planet. They had
some wanderlust to them. They could not simply hide amongst the wroshyr trees anymore. They would have their freedom and Freyyr
would have his peace.

A ship was reconditioned and repaired for them. They named their ship the Jowovan, meaning ‘star-seeker’. A wookiee twice Kalwarr’s
age led the group. They planned to disperse themselves at various larger space ports. Kalwarr requested to be dropped off on Dantooine.
He had made a promise and now was the time to fulfill it.

In the year 3,940, some two dozen wookiees left Kashyyyk. They were sent off as heroes, not the boat-rockers that they were. This
mission was given to them from their chief, and with it carried clout and honor, to themselves and wookiees everywhere.

Kalwarr arrived on Dantooine and was recognized fairly quickly. The Jedi quickly accepted his aid. He began work as a tech immediately
as there were far too few Jedi to attend to mechanical and computer matters, mundane or otherwise.
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