Kata Ghorr                              CL4

Medium Zabrak Jedi 4

INITIATIVE +4; SENSES Perception +2
LANGUAGES Basic and Zabrak

DEFENSES - 18 (flat-footed 16), Fort 16, Will 16

SPEED 6 squares
MELEE Double Lightsaber (red) +9 (2d8+9) or
MELEE Double Lightsaber (red) +9 (2d8+12) with
both hands
MELEE Double Lightsaber (red) +13 (2d8+13)
Powerful Charge
MELEE Double Lightsaber (red) +14 (2d8+12)
Acrobatic Strike
SPECIAL ACTIONS Powerful Charge, Acrobatic
Strike, Shake It Off

ABILITIES Str 17, Dex 14, Con 10, Int 12, Wis 10,
Cha 10
RACIAL ABILITIES - Heightened Awareness,
Superior Defenses

TALENTS Weapon Specialization, Deflect
FEATS Force Sensitivity, Weapon Proficiency
(simple weapons), Weapon Proficiency
(lightsabers), Weapon Focus (lightsabers),
Powerful Charge, Shake It Off, Acrobatic Strike

SKILLS Acrobatics +9, Endurance +7, Use the
Force +7

EQUIPMENT Double Lightsaber (red blade, +1 to
hit, 2d8+2 dmg modified), Utility belt (3 days of
food, medpac, power pack, tool kit, energy cell,
comlink, glow rod, grappling hook, and a liquid
cable dispenser), Credit Chip
Kata Ghorr

Zabrak Male from Iridonia

Personal Information

Born 4 BBL on Iridonia
20 years old
No hair, Yellow eyes, Red skin with black tattoos
1.93m tall & 105 kg

Physical Description and Personality

Kata Ghorr is a scary individual.  He has deep red skin that is marked with black
Sith tattoos.  His arms and legs are sculpted muscle.  He is tall (1.93m) and thick
(105kg).  He bears the sharpened teeth of the Zabrak species.  Although he has
been provided more traditional Jedi robes, he still gravitates to the black garb
worn by the Sith acolytes.  He believes that his appearance is a weapon, one to
confuse and dismay the enemy.  He possesses more control than almost any
other student that is his peer.  He still trains with his double bladed saber,
intending to carry out his deception until he is able to infiltrate the Sith and bring
it down from within.  He is a capable and loyal padawan.  Although he is still
young and his ultimate potential is limited, he will be a formidable Jedi Knight.

Kata is a fierce looking Zabrak.  He was born on Iridonia in 4 BBL.  Although there
were several Force Users from the planet and species, Kata’s ability was not
discovered until he was nearly eight years old.  A Dark Side acolyte named Dorgan
kidnapped him with intent on training him to become his apprentice.  The acolyte’s
own incompetence would be Kata’s saving grace.  The boy endured several months of
torture at the hands of the acolyte including mental abuse in the form of threats on
his family and friends if he were to run away as well as physical abuses.  He was
whipped daily with an electrowhip, supposedly building up a tolerance for pain and
simultaneously deepening his hatred for his master.  The acolyte knew nearly nothing
of the actual Dark Side.  Dorgan did manage to acquire a double bladed lightsaber
with a synthetic red crystal in it and began to train Kata to use it.  The Zabrak was
proficient, but only just enough not to cause serious harm to himself.  He surpassed
his master quickly.

Five years after abducting Kata, he announced his apprentice’s Final Trial.  He
tattooed the young Iridorian with traditional Sith tattoos with painstaking detail.  The
patterns were well known to anyone with a datapad.  The pain was intense, but the
constant physical abuse had dulled the pain Kata felt from the needles.  For three
days Kata was forced to fast while the acolyte painted his deep red skin with the
black markings.  On the morning of the fourth day, he was led by a chain around his
neck to the desert.  Barely 13 years old, Dorgan told him that only one of them would
make it out of the trial alive.  The acolyte passed him the double bladed saber and
made him walk twenty paces away before launching his attack.  In actuality, the
fledgling Sith intended to incapacitate Kata as he walked with a blast of Force
Lightning to teach him a lesson, but when he called on the power of the Dark Side, it
failed him.  The Zabrak turned and covered the twenty paces quickly, igniting the
lightsaber’s blade as he moved.  Dorgan told him to stop and waved frantically, but
the mentally tortured Zabrak brought the lightsaber down on this master and cleaved
him neatly in half.

Freed after all this time, Kata robed himself in the acolyte’s Sith garb and returned
home.  It was not far from the cave where he was kept, granting him false hope that
he would be rescued.  So strong was the mental grip the Sith had on his mind, that
Kata never thought of running, knowing it would mean his and his family’s death.  He’
d protected them by staying and taking beating after beating until he was finally
granted his freedom.  When he returned, covered in Sith tattoos and brandishing a
double bladed saber, his family could not believe that he had not given into the Dark
Side.  The clan fathers demanded that he be ostracized and banished.  His mother,
believing there was good in him still, begged him to seek out the Jedi and gave him
enough money to get off Iridonia and to safety.

He spent nearly a year wandering the galaxy, inspiring fear where he went with his
markings and weapon.  When he needed to eat, he would make an idle threat, but
somewhere knew that he’d never be able to carry it out.  Most of the time people
would give into him out of fear, but when he didn’t intimidate his opponent, he ran.  
Eventually he landed on Tatooine, offering to sell his service as an enforcer to the
local Hutt.  He was laughed out of the bar.  Right then, a youthful Jedi drew his
lightsaber and attacked.  On instinct, Kata fought back.  He reached within himself
and found the Force guiding his actions, parrying blows as they came.  He defended
himself only, and eventually the padawan’s master blasted them apart with the
Force.  Lying in a cloud of dust, his lightsaber ten meters away, Kata prepared
himself for death.  Instead, he was offered a hand.

The master was Visas Marr.  She was on a mission with her padawan to research a
disturbance in the Force.  They had been unsuccessful, the Force User had gone back
underground, but she knew through her Force Sight that Kata was no Sith.  Her
padawan objected, but he was quickly silenced.  She offered him a meal and transport
to Telos, where she was returning to see Master Atris.  Kata accepted.  When he
arrived, Atris was impressed by the story of the boy fighting off the urge of the Dark
Side for so many years at such a young age.  She admitted him for training, where he
has been ever since.
Kata Ghorr
Kata Ghorr
Kata Ghorr
Kata Ghorr
Kata Ghorr
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