Koth Drii
Koth Drii
Personal Information

Born 7 BBL on Dorin
22 years old
No hair, Dark red eyes, Peach colored skin

Physical Description and Personality

Koth is regarded as a typical Kel Dor among other species. He shares his race’s
most common shade of flesh (peach) and humanoid size (1.8m, 70 kg). Like most
Kel Dor, he is naturally more agile and wise. Away from his home planet, he
must wear his protective goggles and breath mask. He is calm, but quick to
spring into action. He is very much in touch with his own feelings and the Force
flows through him freely. Among his fellow Kel Dor, he is regarded as average,
but also as a sort of a pioneer for volunteering to join the Jedi Order.

Koth is the third child of Taan and Sha Drii. The family has served
Dorin largely as Baran Do Sages for generations upon generations.
Koth’s older brothers were already beginning the later stages of their
Baran Do training when Vima Sunrider announced the return of the
Jedi to galaxy at large in 6 ABL. Koth, 13 at the time, was still within
the middle stages of his own Baran Do growth.

The Kel Dor in general paid little attention to the Master Sunrider’s
announcement. The teachings of the Baran Do did not lend itself to
the dark side as easily and therefore, Dorin’s force-user’s largely
stayed away from the galactic scene, though there had been a few
Kel Dor Jedi in the order for quite some time.

A few years later, a Miraluka Jedi named Visas Marr arrived on
Dorin as an ambassador of the Jedi Order. The order was in
desperate need of force sensitive candidates to rebuild their
numbers. Knowing the Baran Do tradition and having had a few Kel
Dor counted amongst their number in years past, the Jedi had to tap
into the resource on Dorin.

Visas Marr’s calls for those to join the order fell largely upon deaf
ears. For generations, the Baran Do Sages watched the Jedi and Sith
clash and wanted no part of their galactic battles. However, the Kel
Dor are a wise people and as a member of the Galactic Republic, the
governing body decided that since the Jedi Order was rebuilding
itself, there was no better time to align with it and help mold its
Koth Drii                              CL4

Medium Kel Dor Jedi 4

INITIATIVE +9; SENSES Perception +5
LANGUAGES Basic, Kel Dor, Durese

DEFENSES - 17 (flat-footed 15), Fort 15, Will 18

SPEED 6 squares
MELEE Lightsaber +6 (2d8+5) or +6 (2d8+6) with
both hands
RANGED  + ()
BASE ATK +4; Grapple +6
SPECIAL ACTIONS Force Focus, Deflect,
Acrobatic Strike
FORCE POWERS:  [Use the Force +8] Battle
Strike(x2), Surge, Force Stun(x2), Mind Trick,
Force Slam(x2)

ABILITIES Str 12, Dex 15, Con 10, Int 12, Wis
16, Cha 12
RACIAL ABILITIES - Keen Force Sense, Low
-Light Vision, Special Equipment

TALENTS Force Focus, Deflect
FEATS Weapon Proficiency (lightsabers), Weapon
Proficiency (simple weapons), Force Sensitivity,
Force Training, Skill Focus [Acrobatics], Force
Training, Acrobatic Strike

SKILLS Acrobatics +14, Initiative +9, Use Force

EQUIPMENT Lightsaber, Jedi Robe, Credit
Chip, Utility belt, Protective Goggles, Antitox

XP - 8737;      Next LVL - 10000;      To Go - 1263
"Open yourself and let the current flow. Be calm, at peace."
Koth Drii

Kel Dor Male from Dorin

The ruling council passed a measure that, for now, would send only children from families with multiple children to the Jedi and only after
were approaching their teen years would be sent to the Jedi.

Though he would soon begin the later stages of his training, Koth volunteered to accompany the Miraluka to Coruscant, and later to
Telos. His older brothers were too old to abandon the Baran Do way and join the Jedi. His parents would have requested that he join the
Jedi, but his youthful wisdom served him well. He could see, as they did, that a Kel Dor Jedi Master would only aid his people and set the
stage for their rise to more prominence in the galaxy.

Koth also realized that he had been instilled with a different teaching than any Jedi would have and he could use the basic Baran Do
teachings to offer a different understanding of the Force. He would blend both teachings, and believed that if he could do so and survive
the trials ahead, that he would one day sit on the Jedi Council itself.

Visas knew the latent ability the youth possessed and could feel the control already present in him. It would take some time to instill the
Jedi teachings within him, but once he adopted their ways, he would be a tremendous ally and an ambassador for his people as well.

As the oldest of the roughly dozen Kel Dor children sent to become Jedi, Koth was at Visas’s side for the entirety of his decision and her
departure from Courscant. She was as calm as any Baran Do Sage he had ever encountered and her soothing demeanor was crucial to
the transition for the young Kel Dor leaving their homeworld.

In time, more force sensitive children would leave Kel Dor before receiving any Baran Do teachings. Before the passing of three more
centuries, the future Dorin Jedi would become younglings like all other Jedi species and the Baran Do would fade away and eventually
become extinct. Since they had developed the ability to peer into the future before joining the republic, it is entirely possible that the
Sages themselves realized this at the time and took it upon themselves to set the future in motion rather than try to change it. It is also
likely that the Sages knew there would be a rebuilding of the Jedi Order and waited until such a time to align with them fully.

Koth was a quick learner and an excellent student. He embraced the Jedi teachings, but never let go of his Baran Do roots. The two
philosophies were not very different, really. The largest difference was the Jedi’s reliance on the lightsaber as much as the Force itself.
This is the area Koth struggled with the most and why he is slightly older than most of the padawans of his class. He knew the day would
come when he was comfortable enough with the weapon to be allowed to join the other padawans as they traveled the galaxy on Jedi
business and it did.

As he grows stronger as a Jedi, he has become far more adept at the use of the lightsaber and will only continue to get better. His natural
agility aids his combat skills and his natural wisdom gives him a greater command over the force than the average padawan. His aim is
still to be named a Master and to sit on the council. None among the current masters doubt he will achieve his goal.
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