Kyybecca                              CL2
Medium Wookiee Jedi 2

INITIATIVE +2; SENSES Perception +1
LANGUAGES Basic and Shyriiwook

DEFENSES - 14 (flat-footed 13), Fort 14, Will 13

SPEED 6 squares
MELEE Lightsaber +6 (2d8+5) or
MELEE Lightsaber +6 (2d8+9) with both hands
BASE ATK +2; Grapple +6
SPECIAL ACTIONS Dreadful Rage, Lightsaber
Defense, Power Attack

ABILITIES Str 18, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 10,
Cha 11
RACIAL ABILITIES - Extraordinary
Recuperation, Rage, Expert Climber, Intimidating

TALENTS Lightsaber Defense
FEATS Force Sensitivity, Weapon Proficiency
(simple weapons), Weapon Proficiency
(lightsabers), Dreadful Rage, Power Attack

SKILLS , Endurance +7, Use Force +6

EQUIPMENT Lightsaber (yellow blade, 2d8 dmg),
Credit chip, Utility belt (3 day food supply, medpac
(x2), tool kit, power pack,, energy cell, glow rod,
long-range comlink, liquid cable dispenser)
Kybecca "Honored Defender"

Wookiee Male from Kashyyyk

Personal Information

Born 105 BBL on Kashyyyk
120 years old
? fur, ? eyes, ? skin
2.21m tall & 160 kg

Physical Description and Personality

Kyybecca is the son of Worrroznor, the Holder of Laws in Rwookrorro.  His
family is well respected and he is the first son.  He is a serious warrior,
respecting all forms of combat and never allowing an opponent to surprise him.
 He is not large by Wookiee standards at only 2.21m tall and weighing 160kg.  
He is still intimidating, towering over most humans and near-humans and
brandishing the large fangs of his Wookiee heritage.  He is unusual in that he
wears the robes of the Jedi instead of shunning clothing for only equipment as
most of his people do.  He is well-groomed and calm by Wookiee standards.  
When encountered by his own people, he is often misunderstood and mistaken
for a Wookiee that has lost his way and become too human.

Kyybecca means “honored defender” in Shyriiwook.  His father, Worrroznor, is the Holder of Laws and a respected member of the was
a hereditary position, passed down from Bacca’s own brother who was said to possess “judgment free from rage”.  It was this power to
separate passion from an argument that made him a legendary mediator and peacekeeper among the early Wookiee clans.  The
establishment of a Holder of Laws helped the Wookiees evolve from a solitary tree dwelling species into an advanced society.

Kyybecca was quick to make his mother and father proud.  He passed his trials into adulthood in his teens and was made a hunter and
warrior younger than nearly all of his peers.  He was respected by his peers, but also kept at arms length.  As a Holder, Ky was not like
most of his fellow Wookiees.  His lack of rage was almost unnerving.  He was able to maintain control of his emotions, focusing on his
strength only when all other options had been exhausted.  It was truly something innate, a voice that spoke to him from within and didn’
t speak to his friends and clansmen.  His clan knew that one day his ability would serve them all, but it still didn’t win him friends.  He
was alone, but not lonely.

Deep into his adulthood, Ky learned the truth about his heritage and inner voice from the most unlikely source.  He was part of a
hunting party that was set upon by Mandalorian hunters.  In the years leading up to, and even during the Mandalorian Wars, they
routinely sent their soldiers to hunt creatures in the Shadowlands to hone their stealth and tracking skills.  Typically they would leave
the wookiees alone, preferring not to make the beasts aware of their presence and ruin a fertile training ground, but this group was
looking to make some credits from Wookiee pelts.  His hunting party was killed, but he survived, badly wounded.  He managed to fend
off all the hunters until help could arrive.  A dark skinned, human Jedi came charging into the battle brandishing his green lightsaber.  
In spite of his advanced age, he cut down the hunters using the energy sword and strange powers.  After the battle, the Jedi used
another power to heal Ky and took him to a mud hut in the depths of the Shadowlands.

The Jedi introduced himself as Jolee Bindo.  He had been living in the Shadowlands with the permission of Freyyr.  He lived at peace
with all of the wilds around him, the katarns, wookiees, and even the Great Beast.  He seemed calm, even in the heat of a battle where
he was badly outnumbered.  Ky enjoyed the company of the old man, who understood Shyriiwook very well and told great stories.  
Eventually, Jolee started talking about Jedi and the Force.  This interested Ky and he asked many questions.  Jolee said his curiosity
was natural since the Force had brought them together.  He said he was drawn to Kashyyyk for many reasons, but one was to meet
Kyybecca and save him.

Ky was the descendant of a family of Force Sensitive wookiees.  Bacca’s brother was the first, identified by the Jedi council, but not
contacted because the Wookiee race was too uncontrolled and the temptation of the Dark Side to overcome the dangers of the life on
Kashyyyk could overwhelm a trained Jedi Master.  So his line was watched over carefully as the society evolved and changed.  
Because of the office he held, the traits of the Jedi were condoned and encouraged in his line.  The voice of the Force was able to guide
the Holder of Laws into peaceful solutions to problems between groups.  Still, the Jedi Council thought the idea of training a Wookiee
in the Force was inherently dangerous.

Jolee disagreed.  He was an outcast of sorts, a Jedi padawan without a master.  His unique view of the Force was not generally
accepted by others, but it made sense to Ky.  Jolee married a woman when it was forbidden, but Ky didn’t see the harm as long as
Jolee could keep his duties in the proper perspective.  Jolee admitted this was his failing, but the recognition by the Wookiee was all he
needed for proof that the time had come for a Wookiee to be trained as a Jedi.  He talked to Freyyr and Worrroznor and convinced
them that Kyybecca could serve the entire galaxy as a Holder of Laws and bring great honor to the Wookiee people by becoming a
Jedi.  Although they didn’t understand completely, each of them knew that he was destined for greater things.  He was given
permission to leave Kashyyyk, but before he could, Czerka descended on the planet.

The mega-corporation began to make changes immediately, promising that they would help the Wookiees join the galaxy, but secretly
enslaving their people and harvesting their resources.  Freyyr’s son, Zalbaar, spoke out against the company, but was rebuffed.  He
petitioned Ky’s father to denounce the company and help him throw them off planet, but Worrroznor could find nothing to accuse them
of.  Kyybecca sympathized with Zalbaar.  The Force told him that the company wasn’t there to help his people, but he was bound by his
father’s ruling.  When Zalbaar was branded a madclaw and banished, Ky gave up fighting the company.  Chuundar took over control of
the clan, and Ky and his father struggled to keep the clan together and live in peace during his rule.  Now, Ky couldn’t leave.  
Chuundar knew he needed the calming voice to prevent an uprising.

For years, Wookiees were taken from Kashyyyk and sold as slaves.  Ky and his father secretly resisted, hiding children in the
Shadowlands with Jolee and providing assistance for families that lost their fathers and brothers to the slavers.  In 0 BBL, Zalbaar
returned with a Jedi ally and restored his father as chieftain.  Jolee helped the Jedi recover Bacca’s blade, proving his dominion over
the clan and overthrowing Chuundar.  The wookiees next rose up against Czerka.  Kyybecca knew they were evil, but couldn’t bring
himself to kill the slavers, instead allowing them to escape onto their spaceships and leave the planet forever.  Ky’s mentor, Jolee, left
Kashyyyk with Revan, his work on the planet finished.  He encouraged his protégé to follow the Force and seek out the Jedi.  After
having seen Revan prove himself worthy of respect and Zalbaar’s life debt, Ky knew what he had to do.

It took nearly a decade to undo the damage that Czerka had done.  Ky and his father worked hard to restore the trust of the people in
the position of chieftain and the Holder of Laws that had allowed slavery to persist and destroy so many lives.  Ky’s part in the
resistance and closeness with Jolee helped his credibility and he was an ambassador for Rwookrorro with the other clans.  His destiny
was gnawing at him, and he approached his father to regain permission to leave Kashyyyk and pursue the life of a Jedi.  The isolation
of Kashyyyk had kept the events of the Great Jedi Purge from them, so when Ky did get off planet, he was horrified to discover the
Order in ruins.  Jolee found him on Coruscant and introduced him to Vima Sunrider.  She could feel the powerful connection to the
Force, but was also aware from hearing her mother discuss the training of Wookiees as dangerous.  Still, the options were few, and the
Republic was crumbling quickly without a Jedi Order to defend it.  She agreed to train Kyybecca, and was impressed by his Jedi-like
attitude.  His control was higher than most students and he already seemed to have adopted the Jedi Code without even knowing its

He remained Vima’s padawan until her duties as Jedi Grand Master prevented her from spending enough time with him to properly
train him.  He was then transferred to the Telos academy to complete his training.
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