Shanlar Vivani (Shan)    CL 8

Medium Cathar Jedi 7 / Jedi Knight 1

Force 10; Dark Side 0
Init +8; Senses Perception +6
Languages Basic, Catharese

Defenses Ref 24 (flat-footed 20), Fort 20, Will 22
hp 100; Threshold 25

Speed  8 squares
Melee lightsaber +14 (2d8+10) or
Melee lightsaber +14 (2d8+14) with both hands
Base Atk +8; Grp +12
Atk Options Acrobatic Strike
Special Actions Block, Deflect
Force Powers Known (Use The Force +15) Battle
Strike, Move Object, Negate Energy

Abilities Str 10, Dex 19, Con 10, Int 10, Wis 15,
Cha 12

Talents Block, Deflect, Weapon Specialization
(lightsabers), Force Focus, Ataru
Feats Acrobatic Strike, Force Sensitive, Force
Training (x1), Improved Damage Threshold (x1),
Skill Focus (x1), Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus
(lightsabers), WP (lightsabers, simple)

Skills Acrobatics +13, Use the Force +15

Possessions lightsaber (self-built), utility belt (3
day food supply, medpac (x2), tool kit, power pack,
energy cell, glow rod, long-range comlink, liquid
cable dispenser), credit chip, Jedi robe
Shanlar "Shan" Vivani

Cathar Male from Coruscant

Jedi Knight
Personal Information

Born 19 BBL on Coruscant
19 years old
Red mane, Yellow eyes, Golden body hair
1.95m tall & 102 kg

Physical Description and Personality

Shandlar is a muscular, athletic figure.  He is very proud of his Cathar
heritage.  His mane is wild and reflects the passion and primal instinct of his
race, but his walk is careful and disciplined from years of training at the hands
of the Jedi.  He has a handsome face with distinct feline features and fangs.  
His fur is soft and well-groomed.  He is imposing and not terribly inviting for
strangers to approach.  His Jedi Master has tried to get him to open up, but
after learning of the genocide of his race, he is extremely careful of whom and
what he puts his faith in.  He often wears a blue traditional Cathar warrior’s
uniform when training or black ceremonial armor for special occasions (but
never in battle).  He also wears the Claw of Leo, a ceremonial artifact rescued
from Cathar before its destruction at the hands of Cassus Fett and Mandalore
the Ultimate.  He has also founded the Order of Juhani, an organization
dedicated to remembering the Cathar heritage and its greatest hero.  His
lightsaber was custom built after he passed the Jedi Trials.  It bears the
symbol of the Order of Juhani and has a violet blade.

Shandlar was born to Nehani, a Cathar refugee who was rescued by the Jedi after the Genocide of Cathar.  The previous year, the
world of Cathar was attacked by the Mandalorian general Cassus Fett.  The Jedi Revan recognized this for what it was, an act of
revenge for the Cathar helping to destroy the Mandalorian threat during the Great Sith War.  Cathar all over the galaxy were hunted
down and murdered, but the lure of money was also great and would be assassins became slave traders.  The females were often
enslaved, but the males, too proud to submit, were destroyed.

Shan’s mother, already pregnant and now widowed, was taken to the Jedi Temple.  Shortly after giving birth, she met and fell for a
former padawan turned Senate emissary named Goda Tapps.  Although he was force sensitive, he was unable to maintain the
disciplined life of a Jedi, and was allowed to continue to serve the order, but without any further training.  He loved Nehani dearly and
when Shan was very young, he recognized the Force ability in his new son immediately.  With Nehani’s consent, he recommended him
for Jedi training.  Master Vandar Tokar agreed, and took the boy in.

Years later, Shandlar reached the age of ten and was told of his past.  The destruction of his home world hit him hard.  While he knew
he was unlike the other students, he didn’t realize that in the rest of the galaxy, he would be similarly unique.  He asked after his
mother, and found that she had died of a rare disease that attacked the Cathar living on Coruscant especially hard while barely
harming humans.  He was offered the chance to meet his father and refused.  While claiming that he did not need the attachment
clouding his judgment, he secretly blamed him for giving him over to the Jedi so he could be closer to his mother and replace her dead

A couple of years later, the Mandalorians attacked Republic space and the Mandalorian Wars began.  As the Mandalorians gained
power, the remaining Cathar in the universe went into hiding.  Jedi Master Deegon Reeth, a human, took him to Katarr to protect him
and continue his training with the Miralukka.  He was a good student, and thrived more under the individual supervision of Master
Reeth than the classroom instruction on Coruscant.  When Revan was captured by Bastila Shan, Shandlar was taken off of Katarr and
allowed to take on missions with his master.  They fought in some of the final skirmishes of the Jedi Civil War, with Shan’s natural
strength and lightsaber skills earning him respect among the older Jedi Knights.  At the Battle of Lehon, Shandlar stayed aboard the
Republic ship, The Paladin, while Reeth and several others followed Master Revan into the space station.  Reeth met his death at the
hands of the Dark Jedi, but Master Revan said later that he and the other Jedi Knights like Deegon Reeth were the only reason he
was able to defeat Dark Lord Malak.

Without a master, Shandlar returned to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.  There he met Juhani, a fellow Cathar who had traveled and
fought beside Master Revan in the Jedi Civil War.  As a veteran Jedi Knight, she agreed to take on his training until a more suitable
master could be found.  They worked together for three years until during one battle with remnant Sith soldiers on Nar Shadda they
were confronted by a broken corpse of a man filled with the Dark Side.  It was the soon to be infamous Darth Sion.  Juhani drew her
twin blue sabers and threw herself at the Sith Apprentice.  They battled fiercely until she fought through his defenses and severed his
arm.  Enraged and empowered by the Dark Side through pain, he ripped one of her lightsabers from her hand and impaled her on it.  
Wounded and losing his concentration, he swore to destroy Shan on their next meeting.  It would never happen.  The Conclave of
Katarr became the Massacre on Katarr, and Shandlar went into hiding with the other Jedi who escaped the Great Purge.

During his exile, Shan found his way to Zeltron, following a holovid that showed a cadre of Cathar which were trying to reunite the race
across the galaxy.  When he met with them, he found it to be not at all what he’d hoped.  From studying the Jedi archives, he was
intimately familiar with his home world and past.  These creatures were mostly freed slaves and money hungry “sympathizers”,
petitioning for reparations for the destruction of Cathar.  Most of them had no familiarity with their past, planet, or customs.  Two years
later, he traveled to Manaan where he met a former Sith trainee and force sensitive Selkath, Shasa.  She had founded the Order of
Shasa, to defend her people’s way of life from the Sith and the decaying society of Manaan.  It was also there that he learned that the
threat of Darth Sion had ended, and that Vima Sunrider had reformed the Jedi Council on Coruscant.

Unlike other trainees and padawans, Shandlar never strayed from the path of the Jedi.  He maintained his meditation and control
throughout his wandering of the galaxy during the Great Purge.  Although the years of non-use had caused his trained force powers and
skills to atrophy, a year of training at the hands of Grand Master Sunrider returned him to all he once was.  Shan is now considered to
be the highest potential trainee of the New Jedi Order and next in line to become a Jedi Knight.  He was sent to Master Atris on Telos
to complete his training with the Lost Jedi, and to begin the Trials.
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